New Light on Planet Jehovah?

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  • gitasatsangha

    Has the Watchtower ever officially backed down from their doctrine that Jehovah lived in the Pleides constellation, probably around the star Alcyone? Did they just let the matter fade?

    If not, why are they not funding astronomy.

  • sandy

    I have never heard this. Does anyone have any more Info.? I would love to know when this info was printed and in what publications.

  • truthseeker1

    Here is a link explaing this a bit more

  • sf


    Research tip 101:

    When you ask a question, try typing the [key words] into the search engines. You'll be amazed at what 'hits' you'll WITNESS! Some you may never get from here or any other jw/ exjw site.

    Happy trails!!

    Now, can you paste up what search results you were given? I want to see if it helps your 're-search'. Try it now.


  • Buster

    Sandy, this is one of the fun ones. It has to do with the Great Pyramid and the numerology that the society went by until the late 20's. In short, Jehovah was the architect and the Pyramid was a Witness to Jehovah with it's measurements clearly defining date timelines - in inches. Anyway, the Pyramid points (thru the top) to a constelation and that is obviously where Jehovah lives. By the way, the door points to where Satan lives.

    Isn't that special?

    (You can find Russell's brilliant treatise in volume 3 of ''Studies in the Scripture')

    (and the 'Search' function is working now - you'll find plenty here too, including links)

    And, I know the JWs backed away from the Pyramid thing in the 20's. The pyramid was Satan's cleverest and most subtle trick, you see. I don't remember a specific declaration regarding the divine residence. But I always took it as implied by the denial of the pyramid.

  • gitasatsangha

    thanks for everyone's info and research (and lnks on;)

    P L A N E T J E H O V A H!

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