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  • Jayk

    The feeling of being disconnected from my family for so long makes me feel old. I think it's because the people I saw all the time when I was younger I don't see to often and you really notice that change in little bits but over time it really shows. The last time alot of witness friends I was 16, then I show up at a family event and I'm 28. That's life and I do get it but it really makes me feel old.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey, Jayk:

    I'm feeling the same about family, but it isn't just a JW thing.

    I had about 20 great aunts and uncles, so you can imagine all the cousins. I was on Facebook with my recently deceased first cousin's children. They're adults now and have their own kids. My only connection is through FB because everyone is scattered across the country. We kids -- back in the '50s and '60s -- were always together.

    Of course, the disconnection is amplified when you leave the org and get shunned. Apart from some bad blood that exists in any family, still, I have reconnected with my Catholic family (although they were always a part of my life, even as a JW). They never shunned me, and I was a JW for nearly fifty years.

    So, Jay, as to feeling old . . . yes, you're correct! The good news is that, chronologically, you are not old.

    Blessings and peace.

  • waton

    with me it is the opposite, I have met people again, who, when I knew them first, were toddlers,but now are grandparents, and I say. hey, "how come they have aged and I havn't?" -- until I try to walk without a walker., or look into a mirror.

  • Jayk
    A few cousins who went from 5 to 15 really fast. I try to figure out which of my cousins are the bad ones because a few are under 21 but will drink at family parties. The first time I drank was probably 12-13 at a bar in Mexico where the bartender severed me alcohal. Family/friend/witness trips to good ole rocky point we took quiet often..witnesses get in trouble at the hall all the time when they got back. I heard stories from my fathers gen When they where kids going to mexico in the 70s and 80s.
  • zeb

    You are not ..old. You are becoming chronologically enhanced!

  • Gorbatchov

    Time tends to fly, anyway. Make the best of it.

    I hear many witness say that they are getting old.

    Enjoy every day I would say.


  • dubstepped

    I get what you're saying. My wife and I have clients that we see every 4 weeks and they have had a baby recently. Seeing it/them in monthly intervals makes one notice how fast time goes as that baby changes so fast.

    We don't really ever see anyone from our past so we have no frame of reference there, but it would be super weird to seey mom at some point as she gets older. It will likely never happen though. Don't even know where she lives.

  • Jayk

    You dont know where your mom lives dubstepped? It's kinda like a puppy you don't notice growing till it's a dog..I could probably fall off where no one could find me but I'll always know where to find my of my uncles randomly popped in a few months back who I haven't seen in years but we keep touch on social media. Dude is really cool and smart but I think he is lost if you know what I mean. No real goals or ambitions, he seems to be trying to find himself. He actually is a very good artist and used to work for a video game company. Was living in LA for awhile now in NYC. Dude is living thou thats all I can say..

  • scratchme1010
    ... then I show up at a family event and I'm 28.

    Are you kidding? Try that at 52!

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