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  • truthseeker1

    Hi folks,

    I went to my first real funeral after leaving the Dubs last week. It was the first time in years I went into a church. It didn't feel weird or bad or anything. It was just a building. I didn't know the person it was for, but it was a friend of my girlfriend. He commited suicide and she was pretty messed up over it and wanted me there for her.

    From my point of view, the funeral had so much more meaning and emotion than a Dub Memorial. The person's life was celebrated. They played a lot of the music the young man (22 years old) wrote. his family and friends told stories about his life. It was really nice. There was a sermon, but only for 5-10 minutes about death. It wasn't preachie at all, it wasn't the time for that. All in all, I'm glad that when I die, I won't have to have some boring "Memorial Talk" read from a script to bore my family one last time.

    Take care, TS1

  • xjw_b12

    ts1 RAYZORBLADE touched on that as well http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/48139/1.ashx

    Yes Isn't it nice to go to a rememberance service, where they actually remember the person, and not regurgitate religious propaganda at you !

  • Mary

    Well I'm probably going to get my knuckles wrapped for this one, but I've been to 2 Catholic funerals and I was not impressed at all with the way it was conducted. The priest basically just inserted the deceased's name and read from a generic outline. Very, very little about his life, his hopes, his dreams, nothing. It was all the showy crap that they do, it was very cold and I thought it was pretty horrific. At least the Witness funerals I've been to have been somewhat better. They've talked at length about the deceased, when they were born, how they grew up, their family etc. For sure it all depends upon how "strong" they were in "the Truth", otherwise, they don't even acknowledge that you've died. I'm sure that others have their own experiences with funerals, but from my experience, the Catholic ones are worse than any others I've been to.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I think a lot of it is in the preparation for the funeral. Not many people prepare for that kind of thing. The Minister or Priest has to go with what he has.

    When hubby died I just wanted to get his JW memorial over with! I was filled with grief and sadness. I knew there was nothing they could say to make me feel any better. So the least they said about hubby the better I liked it!.. If they got personal I would have broken up.

    They didn't know him anyway...So what more could they say?...They like it that way..they can sell their religion more!..

    So if you want something special..don't assume it will never happen to you..set your plans now and forget them.(Your funeral desires) That way your loved ones will not have to worry about it when your time comes.It is a bad time to try and make decisions.

    Too many people are afraid to talk about death..but plans should be made and wishes discussed ahead of time. Before you get sick. Because then..you get in denial that you are dying and don't want to discuss it!..Been there done that!..

    At least hubby did convey the wish that he be cremated. But he also requested his ashes be sprinkled at the KH. I have them in a Walnut box. I know he wanted to be free...I just have to figure out where....I would really like to wait and have both our ashes mixed and let go together!...But not at a KH!


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