"They're Downsizing"/"Going to Hell?"

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  • metatron

    I had a conversation with an elder and his wife who have a son in Bethel. They said they had not heard of Bethelites with

    less than 5 years service being asked to leave but only that the Society is "encouraging" brothers to consider

    Gilead or Ministerial Training School. I asked about the Society selling buildings and assembly halls and another elder

    chimed in:

    "They're just downsizing ---- like any big corporation!"

    Exactly! Honest statements like this must give chills to the Theocratic Reptiles who run this sick cult.

    Another interesting comment I overheard once - came from a zealous 'born again' group wondering aloud

    about what to preach in their church. A great many in attendance were 'living together in sin' but they were hesitant

    to outspokenly say so - or as the lay pastor said:

    "What are we supposed to do? Tell them they're all going to hell?"

    Now that's how you can change a religion

    and likely, how the organization will evolve.

    Today, its 15 minute publishers and 70 hour pioneers ( and lower contributions)

    Tomorrow, who knows?

    Change is good


  • Pleasuredome

    i like the term "Theocratic Reptiles"

  • ISP

    I heard they were out out sourcing the printing. Is that right?


  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer


    I think they are crocofants: thick skin like a crocodile, long horns like an elephant to stab up apostates, big feet like an elephant to trample down each and every critics, an ass like an elephant, to generate big heaps of mud in doctrines and to rambo all rising questions down and a memory like an elephant - not forgetting soomething what someone did wrong in their minds.

    from a crocodile they have further the adjective that they swim always under the surface with a giant mouth to eat up whats coming nearby.

    and from a crocodile they have the attidtude to lay eggs into the sand that are breeded by time: new crocos which support those in the ivory towers without any worry.

  • TheOldHippie

    The new "bound" volumes look very .... sad ...... since they are no longer hard, but floppy, soft, like the new books. They told us the "big" books and the volumes would continue to be hard bound, but evidently they changed their mind.

    What do you call a bound volume when it is no longer bound?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Our bound volumes are bound for the garage.

    Can't bear to part with them just yet, as so much of our lives were invested in that place, but there is no need to keep tying up valuable book shelf space.

  • DFWnonJW

    If the volumes are no longer bound then they are free. If only the jws themselves were so lucky as to become unbound eh?

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