Can someone tell me.....?

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  • biblexaminer

    I have seen that some here post with Italics, Bold, Underline, Blockquote and Horizontal Line

    How is this done? I have examined the source for some of these posts and they look regular HTML. Yet, when I have tried, the post appears without the formatting and the source HTML code appears as text.

  • JanH


    There is a link directly under the textbox where you write your message, saying "Use Forum Code in your message." Click this for instructions.

    Basically, the idea is to use [ ] instead of < >. Remember that you must close each tag correctly, or it will show up as text instead of taking effect as a code.

    To use URLs (web links), just type the link into the text box, including the "http" intro. Remember that URL links that begins at the start of a line will NOT work.

    - Jan
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  • Englishman


    I'm only familiar with the bold and italic codes, some others would be appreciated.


  • Duncan

    I'm Glad you explained this, because I was wondering , too.

    This is fun!


  • mommy

    Simon posted this thread to show the different types of formatting available now. To see how to make them work, you can hit the edit button above his reply. It will show you the format to use. He has not had time to put into place yet. But maybe this will be helpful to bring back up. Just remember he doesn't like colors
    Right Simon?


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