Ever notice a lot of JWs stay off the grid?

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  • blownaway

    Every now and then I look on line for people I knew in the Kingdum hall. Some are on social networks to a limited deg. but a lot are not on the web at all.

  • cleanideas

    I've totally noticed this. I think a lot of them have been brainwashed to think social media is evil and are just too scared/guilty to go on. Also as a JW you could only have other JW's as friends on social media or there would be major gossip and probably a visit to the back room of the KH with an elder for some counseling. Plus so many JW's lead a "double life" that they could never truly be free on social media without consequences. No party pictures or talking about that fantastic R rated movie you just saw. I would think social media for a JW would be far to risky and/or boring.

  • HappyDad

    I totally agree. The only ones I find on social media are ones who left or ones related to family who left who are brave enough to make a post every once in a while. Spineless bastards!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Many of the middle aged JW's I know stay off of facebook because there were such dire warnings from the platform about the internet around the same time that Myspace first came out and so they view facebook in the same suspicious way even though just about every JW under the age of 40 has a facebook account.

    The same older ones who won't use facebook, will use Instagram because in their skewed minds they figure it's somehow different or less suspect since it can be accessed on the phone rather than on a computer. Many of them made such a point of badmouthing the internet, myspace and facebook, that out of pride and in order to save face, they still refrain from going online but they will allow themselves to use Instagram because they think it's not the same.

  • Onager

    A lot of (ex)friends and relations seem to be on Instagram, but there are fewer on Facebook.

  • atomant

    Maybe they are on fb but use another name.

  • stillin
    I notice that some are on FB but they all have only friends who are Witnesses. Stale...
  • ttdtt

    I have not noticed that.
    Only the older ones, but even they are using the web because the WT has forced everyone to have an iPad if they want to stay current.

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