My Son's Science Project "What Causes Leukemia"

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  • azor

    I'm putting the below information on this forum first to get YOUR input.

    So my 9 year old Leukemia survivor wants to do his science project searching for the cause of leukemia in children. The data required to put together a semblance of a cause is vast to put it lightly.

    I was thinking of putting feelers into the ether (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to see if we could get enough people to volunteer their family and children's history to have a shot at seeing some sort of pattern. After the science project I was thinking of continuing this research by developing an app or online questionnaire where survivor families volunteer their information. Reaching out to other families like mine by using targeted social media algorithms. The cause is the great unknown of this disease as medical privacy laws such as HIPPA due to litigation understandably prevent the free exchange of information.

    I'm seeking forum members feedback. Do any of you see holes, roadblocks, or potential risks in such an endeavor?

  • smiddy

    It sounds like a great project for your son and you to embark on I wish you both success in doing this.

    Many years ago my 14 year old nephew died from Leukemia and as a good faithful JW I tried to comfort my SIL with the resurrection hope .

    It didnt go too well ,and thakfully we are in a good place these days.

    I`m sorry I dont have any info to convey to you other than good luck.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Don't know where you are located. Check with local Children's hospitals and pediatric cancer centers. Also teaching hospitals with a strong pediatric program. Maybe your child, as a survivor, will illicit a positive response from researchers in these programs. Social media is a good place, but be careful, you might get TOO MUCH unusable info. Keep it simple.

    Good luck, one never knows which mind the cure will come from.

    Snakes (Rich)

  • azor

    Thank you snakes and smiddy.

  • azor

    Smiddy I'm so sorry for your loss. That is my daily fear.

  • stillin

    I suggest that you keep it on a smart 9 yea old level. Be proud of that kid!

  • nonjwspouse

    Maybe checking with St Jude Hospital in Memphis TN. They have vast amounts of info, or directions to info for your son.

    Although an adult, my neighbor is in a clinical trial for an aggressive leukemia through Vanderbilt in Nashville.

  • azor

    Nonjwspouse our family friends JW's that still associate with us are moving to go to Vanderbilt from CHOC. He has an aggressive T-Cell leukemia with added complications. Brain bleed, cranectomy and partial paralysis. I will try them as well next week.

    Our challenge in this journey has been they have treatments, but are limited with the cause.

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