Has The "TRUTH" Made You Cry?

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  • minimus

    Because Jehovah's Witnesses are considered the "happiest people on earth", you would think that Jehovah's Witnesses would be, as a group, happy. Not so. Very few Witnesses that I know are genuinely happy. Most are either depressed or feeling that they are inadequate. A number of JW's regularly shed tears because of disappointment or because they don't feel the love of Jehovah and the organization. Now, we are getting to clearly see the lies of the "truth". We are looking at what we have invested in our quest for the "truth". It has been a saddening experience, hasn't it?

  • teenyuck

    When I first came upon this site I almost cried....I was so HAPPY!!!

    I have very limited interaction with dubs....my mother. She has always been depressed and has a "poor me" attitude. I don't know if she was always this way or if being in the borg for 35 years has done it to her.

    I don't recall much laughter or happiness. Everyone waiting for armageddon is going to get you down. I think that mind set really sets in and feeds upon the person's psyche.

    I am much happier now; howvever, I do have to deal with my mother. She is convinced that I will come back to the truth if she just keeps telling me that "So and So said Hi and they miss you"....

    Yeah right. I have not seen so and so in 20 years. I doubt they are losing sleep over me...or even told my mother to tell me (and my DFd sister) hello.

  • heathen

    My sister was chronically depressed when being a dub and was married to an abusive dub and has since left the org and divorced the schmuck husband of hers but ironically feels it is still the truth for some reason. It seems like one of those things where it's a nice place to visit but you don't want to be one .

  • minimus

    It's funny that when you see people that should know better, and how they still view it as the "truth". I think we've been so conditioned, that it's very difficult to see it any other way. That is sad.

  • dottie

    It has made me cry more times than I'd care to recall


  • Satanus

    No, i obediently suppressed my feelings. As a result i was chronically depressed, thinking of suicide at times. But, i never really felt very much. My brother died, ho hum, back to the meeting.

    Since leaving, i have dealt w a lot of the suppressed stuff, and yes, cried, many times.


  • minimus

    Think about all the possibilities that were opened to you as a young Witness. You could have been a sport's hero, a millionaire, even a scientist. But you were held back. You might have been brilliant in school. But college was out of the question. If you had brains, you were required to use them in hoodwinking people and making disciples. When you look back at your parents or grandparents, what did they live and die for? The truth. Look at them today. Are they happy decades later? Are they truly happy that they wasted all their precious time to knock on doors that had no people behind them? When they see the "faithful" leaving the "truth", what do you think they say to themselves, in their heart of hearts? When you think back to your dear loved ones who have passed away in death, you have to feel bad, because they were so sure that the end was right around the corner. When you think about all the waste, it is sad indeed.

  • Warrigal

    The only 'happy' witnesses I know are the ones on antidepressants. The others are walking around with a glum, somber, serious look on their faces and look like a visit to hell would be more fun....or even a root canal. One sister, an elders wife, used to come into the Kingdom Hall with such a scowl on her face that changed only when her husband poked her in the ribs and she pasted on a sickly smile.

    Its so sad that those who expect to live in the New World can't get a little bit happy now.

  • rocketman

    There's a feeling that many jws have, and they just don't say it out loud all that often, that they'd love to slow down a bit. All the running, all the pushing oneself; no wonder so many do feel down and inadequate. I know I did, and so did my wife. I was just at a meeting today, and every time I go I feel worse than when I arrived.

  • minimus

    There's no refreshment for our souls. Instead of the healing power of the Scriptures, or our Heavenly Father or His Son, JW's need antidepressants and liquor in order to stay in line in the "truth".

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