To: Osarsif and Nicolaou first ... then to all.

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  • Yadirf

    Osarsif and Nicolaou,

    Thank you for responding to my appeal for help in locating the image I was hoping to find. Although my memory had faded, I feel like THAT one was most likely the one I had seen before and was now looking for. Because you were nice enough to respond I feel that the least I should do is explain why I wanted the image to begin with. Well, I’m not acquainted with either of you enough to know whether or not you trust and appreciate the Bible as being God-inspired … but in either case perhaps you may be curious as to what my purpose will be for the image. It is my hope, in spite of a difficult to tolerate disease I’ve contracted (PN), to be able to address from a fresh perspective issues surrounding the account of Eve and the Serpent. Without being boastful, I think I’ve landed upon the precise reason for which Satan chose to use a snake in particular to do his deed. I’ve never heard it explained the way I have it figured … out of all the animals that Satan might have used, Why a snake? I have reserved a page on my as-yet-not-so-well-organized website that I believe will be worth a person’s time to investigate. I’m not that well along with the website as of right now so as to share the URL with anyone that might possibly be interested in visiting it. Once I get it going sufficiently well enough I will announce its whereabouts, if anyone cares that is.

    Thanks again for coming to my rescue,

  • Stephanus

    What's PN?

  • Yadirf


    PN is short for Peripheral Neuropathy. PN = nerve damage. It affects only the limbs (feet, legs, arms and hands). In my case, it's my feet primarily. I take a relatively new drug called Neurontin to help out with the symptoms. The drug came to the United States around 1996 I think I read somewhere. I've been troubled with PN for several years apparently, but just didn't know what was wrong ... until it progressively got so bad I wanted to find out, which I did only recently. My symptoms are that it's painful being on your feet after only a short while; your feet (soles, toes, ankles) remain stiff most of the time; there's some numbness associated with it; after standing or walking for a short while there's the feeling that your standing in shoes full of gravel; when you awake in the morning your attention is immediately drawn to the burning of you feet.


  • unclebruce

    G'day paw, (hehehe)

    Please post your website when you can, you're an independent thinker, I'm sure it'll interest a lot of folk (not all for good reasons I fear but be that as it may) As for satan chosing a snake, I'm interested in your thoughts but think the answer lay in the minds of the ancient men who first wrote the text.

    cheers, unclebruce wishing you and your hot paws well.

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