12 Signs of an abusive relationship - Matches Watchtower leadership

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    This website lists 12 signs that you're in an abusive relationship. I noticed that the way the leadership treats the JW's

    is about the same way.

    1. Charming - love bombing

    2. Jealous - borg wants you only to do theocratic things

    3. Manipulative - self explanitory

    4. Controlling - dito

    5. A victim - "An abuser doesn't take any responsibility for his poor choices. He is NEVER at fault." - sound familiar?

    6. Narcissistic - "The whole world must revolve around this [religion]"

    7. Inconsistent - doctrinal flip flops

    8. Critical - just like most elders

    9. Disconnected - "Isolation from family and friends is a key goal for the abuser because it forces the victim into total submission." Ever been shunned by your own blood (kin)?

    10. Hypersensitive ..."What sets the abuser apart is that he is intentionally manipulating a situation so that his actions don't

    have consequences." Exactly like the governing body.

    11. Vicious and Cruel - See the December 2018 study edition WT p 14,par 17, 18 where it says that the husband "might be extremely physically abusive, even to the point that she feels that her health or life is in danger"... "other Christians have not; [separated] they have endured and tried to work at improving matters."


    "Many loyal Christians have remained with an unbelieving mate under very trying circumstances. They can testify that doing so was worthwhile..." - In other words, stay, even if your life is in danger, that's vicious and cruel.

    12. Insincerely repentant - this one actually doesn't apply to JW leadership because they have NEVER repented about anything!! At least an abuser will say they're sorry once in a while.

  • smiddy3

    I linked this to FB as their are a few JW`s on my page and just made the comment that "some religions also use these same tactics to keep their members in trapped in a concept"

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