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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Folks let me introduce you to Joe Moore.

    Joe was the presiding elder of the Appeals Committee that disfelowshipped me. Joe sinned against the Holy Spirit in that he let the leg of the cat out of the bag with his being in possession of knowledge of a swindler, a Ray Dale [mentioned by "Royal Flush Phil on this site] swindling a widow Brenda B. out of a $100,000 Shasta County Superior Court case 149893. But quickly tried to put the cats leg back in the bag when he figured out I was ignorant of that court case, when the court case I was referring to was Shasta County Superior Court case #109555 which was a $4,250,000 unregistered securities swindle done by the San Diego swindler. I reminded Joe as to a prior conversation we had about the swindler, of which Joe replied "he had nothing against Ray Dale" a direct lie in that he was hiding the Brenda B.court case in secrecy.

    I had supplied the "Appeals Committee" with the evidence to support my defense, ask Joe if that evidence was going to be admitted, the criminality of the swindler and South Redding Congregation of refusing to forward two letters of criminal investigation into the $4,250,000 fraud to the Service Dept. Joe said they were not even going there, the only thing on the table was whether or not I was going to be obedient to the 'organization'.

    As the presiding judge Joe perverted justice by keeping secret that a real criminal had defrauded another widow. Joe directly lied by saying he had nothing against the swindler when in fact he was hiding court case #149893!

    Joe can tell you that I started writing letters to the publishers homes [referred to in the 2013 convention talk "Human Apostates"] that I targeted JR Wheeler and Redding South Elders for their refusal to comply with the instructions set forth in the Sept.1 1987 Wt. article "A Time to speak When?" because they were terrified of being "wolf bitten" Acts 20: 28-30 by a criminal, bully. Joe can also tell you that in 2007 I hired a private investigator who uncovered court case #149893, that Joe suppressed. He can also tell you that I taped that court case to the church doors [just like Martin Luther] Dec.26 2007 and on Dec 31 2007 Jr Wheeler had a heart attack. The last thing Jr. saw was the son of the man of whom he refused to support and the face of a kid he had tried to get suck his penis! As it was Joel who was on the Fire Truck and administered oxygen to Jr on way to hospital.

    Joe can tell you after that I centered on him being the judge who refused to expose a true criminal and destroyed a family because Merton Campbell of the Service Dept. did not like being told he was "a servant on a horse" Eccl. 10:7 for failing to holding a true criminal accountable for swindling widows and seniors for over a 20+ year career with in the JW church for the church had a apostate policy that forbid widows from taking swindlers to court 1Cor. 6:1-8. My disfellowshipment was scripted out by Merton Campbell just as was the disfellowshipment of Ray Franz! I tried my hardest to attack Joe to where his cowardly heart would met the same fate as Jr's.

    Barbara Anderson can tell you folks of being aware of my letters to Merton Campbell being the most foul of any person in the USA, but she won't because after she finished mining me for information for the "Flawed Decrees Conceal Criminals" she hung me out to dry and twist in the wind just like she did with Randall Waters!

    Joe i see you have been posting on this site for 9 years, same as me. I was always impressed with your posts as you were quite a bit sharper then the majority that post here. Early on I had gotten a PM from 3rdGen, ragging on me not being "Cool", so I always knew you were local, I just did not know who Balaamass was. I always thought of you as just a cowardly "porch dog". It wasn't until this morning I was hit with the thought that you were Balaamass.

    Am I really that smart Joe? This has been a interesting year. In February I slipped in the snow, tore left shoulder rotator cuff. I did stem cell $22,000 worth, and have been back to repairing trucks since July. I missed three alimony payments, had the church in the background instruct that I should be taken to court for the purpose of selling the community property house [how do I know the church was in the background, that is because I got phone calls from local police and US Postal Inspector to ceases and desist from writing letters to the publishers homes]. Church did not count on my having the cash to buy out Connie half of the house. Because of my age I got to forgo alimony payments, I am now a free man.

    Here is the kicker. A week before I was due in court the was a article in the Record Searchlight that the Winn River Indian Casino partnered with a Texas energy company to build a hydrogen fuel manufacturing plant in Red Bluff. From that article I was able to figure out that I was going to have a state of the art Truck stop and travel center dealing with Hydrogen and electric fueling of heavy duty trucks on my north fence line. As in 2035 there will be no diesel powered trucks sold in California. There was a field across Riverland Dr. from me I bought that field. So right now I literally have the 40+ acre field owned by the Casino tribe cut off from freeway access. Just exactly like Red Emmerson [the worlds only 90 year old billionaire who has callouses a 1/4 inch thick on his hands] temporarily had when he cut off their new casino from Bonneyview.

    About 6 weeks ago I sent the tribe a letter informing them of the situation and would they want to make me a offer I could not refuse. Their real estate guy called basically told me to go pound sand BUT they would purchase my four parcels at appraised value. Monday I went down to the casino in Corning to repair a truck, stop by tribal office to see if they would like to buy the north west quadrant of Knighton rd. freeway interchange. How is this going to work out. I don't know. If the Corning casino buys me out that will make a hell of a story in the paper [the paper is well familiar with me being a religious kook after the JW church, this should make them take serious the relationship between the church Gestapo informant policy and their blood policy]. If they don't then I will be waiting 5-7 years to sell out. Or perhaps I could wake up some morning floating face down the Sacramento River for fucking with powerful Indian tribes.

    Are you that smart Joe? Can you read a newspaper article and decipher that when the Indians said they were interested in selling hydrogen truck fuel in Redding "perhaps at Stillwater Business Park that they were speaking with a forked tongue" and understand that there is going to be a top of the line futuristic truck stop north of the barbed wire fence we share? Can you do that Joe?

    Joe we are of the same generation. Were are of the generation that was taught to never play games with Holy Spirit! You sinned against Holy Spirit knowingly concealing the Brenda B. case and lying to pervert justice in a Appeals Judicial court session that you presided over and destroyed a innocent family. That was 19 years ago. Today Holy Spirit just bit you in the ass! I am going to turn over to Barak and Micah and they can go apostate hunting [the whole point of the 1987 Wt. "A TIme to Speak When?"! They get to take down the fucking coward that destroyed their family!

    I think you are going to get the Gestapo knocking on your door.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Hey Joe

    I went down to Corning a couple of days ago to work on a truck. Stopped by tribal office of the Indian casino to check if they were interested in buying my properties, the main CEO was still out from the holiday. Talked with two of the tribal council, they were unaware of the property maps I had left three weeks ago, but were every interested in my having Winn River future truck stop and travel center cut off from freeway access. Of course they were very familiar of the Red Emmerson, city of Redding fiasco. So they were quite impressed that the property maps showed that I was able to cause Deja vu all over again.

    Learned something very interesting as to why Corning Indians are so against the Redding Indians building a new casino on "the Strawberry fields". In 1847 two years before the Calif. gold rush Col. John C. Fremont massacred some where between 70 - 700 Indians right there at the "Strawberry fields" location. And the Corning Indians feel it is a sacrilege to build a casino on top of the graves of their slaughtered ancestors. I went to Wikipedia looked it up and sure enough right here in Redding that evil deed was done. I knew John C. Fremont was in Calif to stir up insurrection against Spain, of which resulted in the "Bear Flag Rebellion" and I was aware he was brutal with the Indians, but realizing that it is the graves of Indian ancestors that is the friction point between the two Indian casino's that was very insightful.

    I am assuming you are impervious from being "outed" as a apostate from anything said in the packets I left at Kingdom Hall doors a week ago as anything I say is just a disgruntled apostate sore that he lost his family. But are you impervious from being bit in the ass by the holy Spirit? We are both from the same era, back when the church taught spiritual things like Satan, Holy Spirit. Back then it was taught that sinning against Holy Spirit was bad for your health. You sinned against the Holy Spirit when you lied and hide the Brenda B. court case #149893, when you presided over my disfellowshipping. Had you not sinned against Holy Spirit I would have 10 grandchildren today instead of zero.

    On this site there was a post by Randall Waters about Merton Campbell of the WTB&TS Service Dept. who scripted out my disfellowshipping of which you implemented in full knowledge of Ray Dale swindling widows. Randall Waters showed how incompetent Merton Campbell was by the Red Bluff molester Henderson. That screw up cost the church a lot of money. It was also Merton Campbell who lied to Elmer Woodley about 5 years prior to my disfellowshipping that the Redding Fire Dept. Arson investigator recanted his letter pertaining to the $4,250,000 unregistered securities swindle of court case #109555, another Ray Dale fraud. You remember that don't you, your buddy Richard Edwards sat in on that meeting. I back down one District Overseer and three elders from disfellowshipping me at that time.

    Joe it was in 1984 when i started to realize that the GB was FOS when they instituted the "obedience to the Organization mantra". But I have never given up my belief of Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit and of course Satan!

    Joe I think you might want to think seriously of confessing your sins against Holy Spirit. I think you might want to think of putting it in writing to Barak and Micah and the Redding are JW Church that you sinned by lying and concealing the Brenda B. case4 #149893 in the judicial proceedings you presided over. You remember what I did to Jr. when I taped court case #149893 to the church doors. Five days later Jr. had a heart attack and the last thing he saw was the face of Joel of whom he tried to get Joel to suck his penis when he was a kid.

    Yours truly a little old man who has a multi million dollar state of the art Indian Casino owned truck stop and travel center cut off from freeway access.

    Eccl.9: 13-16.

  • truthlover123

    For a little old man, you can really explain a treacherous and rotten protection racket. Cause more knew about this situation and did nothing I presume. Very interesting read.

  • Balaamsass2

    W.T.H. ? Covert, I had to read your "manifesto" 2xs to even begin to understand what the hell you were talking about. LOL :) I am NOT "Joe Moore" nor was I one of the elders who sat on your committees. Lots of people had heard of the JW fraud going on in South Redding area with multiple victims.

    If you and others think "Joe Moore" a current Redding elder, is B.A., that strikes me as funny in that the more he denies he is an apostate, the more people will not believe him.

    Why didn't you simply report the CRIMINAL fraud to Redding Police and the District Attorney's senior fraud unit on behalf of the senior widows before the statute of limitations had run out? Keeping CRIMES secret by expecting justice within Watchtower is why so many abuse and fraud victims never receive justice. Had I known the victim's names, I would have.

    P.S. Merton Cambell from the Service desk must be long dead by now. He had grey hair in the 70s.

    There is no way Barbra Anderson "Hung you out to dry". She is a class act, and you are slandering her.

  • Balaamsass2

    One more thing, although I had to chuckle after reading your post 2xs about your belief that "Joe Moore" was now "outed as Baalam's Ass. In the past, a big issue on this site was "John Cedars" revealing members' names. What if Joe Moore finally had doubts about Watchtower, and had joined this site?

    Per the Terms of Service on this site you would be violating the entire basis of this site: anonymity.

  • FedUpJW

    I have read on other sites the ramblings of a person with the same name as the OP. I pity him for it seems he is somewhat unbalanced, and perhaps needs to obtain the services of a live in care facility?

    And no one should be trying to "out" anyone else, here or anywhere else.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Well that is egg on the face.

    As to District Attorney; The fraud happened at a time when Shasta County had budget issues. There was a newspaper article that the DA said he would not prosecute white collar crime, only violent crime.

    The Calif Dept of Corporation processed the fraud, but they only do civil court. Being as all parties claimed poverty there was not much money to go after.

    As to Joe Moore, he would not have any protection of anonymity. Joe was the presiding elder on the appeals committee. He perverted justice by keeping secret a second widow fraud case by the swindler. That case finished two months prior to the ex wife walking out. I had to hire a privet investigator to uncover that hidden case. I took that case #149893 taped to Redding area church doors, on 12-26-07, on 12-31-07 the specific elder who refused to comply with the specific instructions of the Sept.1 1987 article "A Time to Speak When?" had a heart attack, the last thing he saw was the face of my #5 son who was on the responding fire truck and did the CPR and oxyegen. He said there was sheer terror on that man face [he has seen a lot of dead people] seems that elder got a double whammy as he tried to get him to suck his penis when he was a kid.

    As far as Anderson please read my first posts noting the date. Everything I write centers around the 2013 RNWT revision of Lev.5:1 and the article "A Time to Speak When?". Please read Barbara's essay "Flawed Decrees Conceal Criminals" I taught Barbara the true understanding of why the church has cloaked the revision of Lev.5:1 in silence. She wrote the article did not have the courtesy to acknowledge the source of her teacher. She ask me if I was the apostate who wrote the Service Dept and used the specific language cited in the article "A Time to Speak When?" that she heard about during the 1980' &1990's. She was able to clear up a mystery as to why a swindler of the magnitude of Ray Dale could exist in the church, she said it was because the Northern Calif. desk had Merton Campbell. She gave me the example of the Red Bluff molester Henderson as to how incompetent Campbell was. I Googled "Merton Campbell" it gave me Randall Waters on this web site.

    There was a blow out here a few years ago, Waters bemoaned the fact he was mined for information, then left to 'twist in the wind'. A 'class act' does not mine another person for information to advance their own interests then hang them out to dry. I have the dates on my posts to establish my authenticity as the source of "new light" on the revision of Lev.5:1 by the 2013 RNWT.

    In no way am I taking anything away from her stature in regard to the molestation issue. The main motive I had in posting this piece was as I understand the Anderson/Zalkin law suite should hit the media before the end of the year. To be able to get the hidden court case #149893 and the Service Dept. letters pertaining to Ray Dale on to the Kingdom Hall doors and into the minds of the rank and file at the release of media molestation's will be a major mind shock to break the mind control in the Redding area. So yes you are right there was some good making Joe squirm.

    The essay "Flawed Decrees Conceal Criminals" is a underappreciated piece of research. Barbara said that was the most time consuming research project she ever did. She made it fit her agenda around molestation's. Yet there are two more important "new light" she could not take the time to see.

    One; the article "A Time to Speak When?" was written in 1987. To understand the deception is to understand THE DECEPTION! The article was the "key" to understand that what the church was really doing was fabricate a 'hunting license' to ferret out APOSTATES! That article was a major piece in the transition of Matt.24: 48-51. That article was based on my aunt, but it is not about revealing medical confidentiality. It is about creating a "Gestapo informant policy" to ferret out apostates, while at the same time never mentioning the word apostate. That article was part of a package; the "obedience to the Organization mantra" that started in 1984, the brand new enemy "the APOSTATE". It was that article that made possible the absolute obedience to the GB that we have today.

    Two; The revision of Lev. 5:1 in the 2013 RNWT has been cloaked in silence, it is indeed "new light"! Barbara went to a SNAP convention in Chicago during the time she was researching the "Flawed Decrees Conceal Criminals". When she came back she taught me a very important concept. It was stated at that convention that when one is going after a church, it is church POLICY is what needs to be focused on. Not doctrines, teachings, prophesy etc. To understand that Lev.5:1 is a church informant policy but uses deception to fabricate. Creates a legal, moral, ethical issue for the church when stood next to the blood policy. So the question is: What legal, moral, ethical responsibility does the church have to be transparent with the families who forfeiture of human life that they use deception to fabricate policy. ESPECIALLY when forfeiture of human life is enforced with the sanctions of disassociation and shunning! And that is the reason the RNWT revision is cloaked in silence!

    I apologize, anything I can do to make it right let me know.

  • NotFormer

    "And no one should be trying to "out" anyone else, here or anywhere else."

    Doxxing is only one step removed from "SWATting". And it's never right to do. It's why the whole revealing of Tony Morris's address makes me nervous. It invites vigilante action on the part of unbalanced individuals. We've already seen him accused of sacrificing babies.

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