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  • TR

    Thursday, while working at an abandoned house, I found two abandoned puppies. I suppose they are about two to three months old. They look like a Rot/Pit mix. The female is light tan in color, and looks like a Pit Bull. The Male basically looks like a Rotweiler.

    These pups were evidently living on the massive piles of garbage stored in the garage. My wife insisted on me bringing them home temporarily. I have no idea how long they were living in that filth, but they are in pretty good shape and very friendly. We bathed and fed them.

    Hey, travel to Spokane and take these damn dogs off my hands! NOW!


  • Warrigal

    Yeah, TR, I need another mouth to feed like a frog needs a Mercedes. Just last week I cruised by death row at the local pound and brought home another Cattle Dog. He's big and clumsy with feet the size of saucers....such a goofy face, though.

    Good luck in finding homes for the pupsters....they deserve a break in life.

  • TR

    Good for you, Warrigal!

    I suspect this house I worked on was a meth or drug house of some kind. The mother or father to the pups was probably the protection. Then the low-lifes bugged out and left the poor pups alone.

    I'm trying to find a home for them as we speak. I won't take them to the pound unless I just can't find a new owner. I've already got three dogs of my own.


  • Warrigal

    You're a good man, TR!

    We have an organization here that adopts animals from the pound and gets them neutered and vaccinated then displays them at local PetsMart Stores and Petco Stores on the weekends. They get a lot of attention and many are adopted. While awaiting adoption they live with foster families who keep them healthy and groomed to make them more 'adoptable'. They are exposed to cats and other pets as well as children and oldsters....good practice for their future.

    If you can't find the 'kids' a home; see if there is a similar org. where you live.

  • WildHorses

    TR, if you have a flea market in your area, you can take them there tomorrow and you shoule be able to give them away rather quickly. When my neighbours dog had EIGHT puppies, she was able to give them all away in just one day of sitting outside of the flea market. Just make a sign saying FREE. That should do it. People love freebies. Even when it comes to puppies.

  • hippikon

    I'll take one - Can you fax it or email it to me?

    Seriosly - We need a dog for security but I'm not so sure a pitty or rotty would be good with the kids.

  • TR

    Good ideas, peeps!

    I'll see what I can do.


    Beaming them up, Cap'n!

    TR- Scotty class

  • LuckyLucy

    Hi TR May I have your e-mail address?

  • gumby

    Heres what ya do TR,

    First build about 15 kennells, then go buy 13 more dogs like the ones you have, breed them..( or just let another dog breed them ) and watch the cash roll in when the puppies arrive, and you sell them.

    You can quit that damn boring job of yours, and you and the wife can be semi-retired and stay at home!


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