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  • RR

    I need some help on the Watchtowers view of the internet.

    If I am not mistaken, the Society has stated that JW's should not have websites because the Society has their own website or something to that effect. Anyone know where that can be found or anything related to the JW's not having sites?



  • heathen

    I think it's been in the WT publications but I personally went to the local cong for a book study and the elder in charge said that the internet was not to be used accept for the WT site itself everything else is demonized . He even screwed himself by demonizing the WT site (by mistake of course) because he was an idiot.

  • Brummie

    Go to Beans site, its all there

    . There is no need for any individual, committee, or congregation to prepare a Web page about Jehovah's Witnesses. Some have posted the contents of our publications with all scriptures and references given in full and have even offered copies of convention material on a donation basis. Whether profit is involved or not, the practice of reproducing and distributing publications of Jehovah's Witnesses in an electronic document is a violation of copyright laws. While some may view this as a service to the brothers, it is not approved an should be discontinued.

    Our Kingdom Ministry September 2002 (For Britain) p. 8

    Other quotes there too. Enjoy


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    *** km 11/97 p. 3 Good News on the Internet ***


    News on the Internet

    In our technological age, some people obtain information from electronic sources, including the Internet. So the Society has put on the Internet some accurate information about the beliefs and activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Our Internet Web site has the address and contains a selection of tracts, brochures, and Watchtower and Awake! articles in English, Chinese (Simplified), German, Russian, and Spanish, as well as in other languages. The publications on this Web site are already available through the congregations and are in use in the ministry. The purpose of our Web site is, not to release new publications, but to make information available to the public in electronic format. There is no need for any individual to prepare Internet pages about Jehovah’s Witnesses, our activities, or our beliefs. Our official site presents accurate information for any who want it.

    Although our site has no provision for electronic messages (E-mail), it lists postal addresses of branches around the globe. Thus people can write to obtain more information or to receive personal assistance from Witnesses locally. Feel free to share the above Internet address with any who might be inclined to begin learning Bible truth from this format.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    *** km 11/99 pp. 4-5 Use of the Internet—Be Alert to the Dangers! ***


    Noticeably, there have been a number of individuals who have created Web sites ostensibly to preach the good news. Many of these sites are sponsored by indiscreet brothers. Other sites may be sponsored by apostates who wish to lure unsuspecting ones. (2 John 9-11) Commenting on whether there is a need for our brothers to create such Web sites, Our Kingdom Ministry, November 1997, page 3, stated: "There is no need for any individual to prepare Internet pages about Jehovah’s Witnesses, our activities, or our beliefs. Our official site [] presents accurate information for any who want it."


    Study Aids via the Internet? Some have felt that they are rendering a service to the brothers by posting researched information in connection with various theocratic activities. For example, a person may do research based on a public-talk outline and then post this, thinking that such information will benefit those who need to prepare the same outline. Others will post all the scriptures for an upcoming Watchtower Study or provide source material for the Theocratic Ministry School or the Congregation Book Study. Some may offer suggestions for field ministry presentations. Are such really helpful?


    The publications provided by Jehovah’s organization stimulate our minds with upbuilding thoughts and train us "to distinguish both right and wrong." (Heb. 5:14) Can we say that this is achieved if others do our research for us?


    The Beroeans were spoken of as "more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica." Why? Because "they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so." (Acts 17:11) Although Paul and Silas preached to them, they could not make the truth their own without becoming personally involved.


    Using another person’s research for a talk or for other meeting preparation really defeats the purpose of personal study. Is it not your desire to build up your own personal faith in God’s Word? Based on personal conviction, you can then make public expression of your faith—in your talks, in comments at the meetings, and in the field ministry. (Rom. 10:10) Using another person’s research does not fit the description given at Proverbs 2:4, 5 to personally ‘keep seeking and searching for the very knowledge of God as for hid treasures.’


    For example, when looking up scriptures in your own copy of the Bible, you can briefly review the context of each scripture. You can ‘trace all things with accuracy,’ as did Luke when he wrote his Gospel. (Luke 1:3) The extra effort will also help you to be skillful in looking up scriptures in the ministry and when giving talks. Many have stated that they are impressed with Jehovah’s Witnesses because they know how to use their Bibles. The only way that this can apply to us is if we make it a practice personally to look up scriptures in our own Bibles.

  • joe_from_kokomo

    I also recalled that the Society in its presentations on not needing any additional Web sites also told a "great white lie" in the service meetings that there was ONE and ONLY ONE official Watchtower Society Web site. Yet, this is simply not true. Besides the main one, I have found at least 5 or 6 more, including:

    1. (oops, no wait... the Society has gobbled that one up and it is no more.)

    There was also a British variant, but it has been gobbled up, too. Guess they are wising up to the fact that the branch offices had (and some still have) their own "official" Web sites. Of course, at the time they made these statements, there were patently false.

    But, the bigger issue here, is that the Society is DEATHLY AFRAID of the power of the Internet and its ability to provide information to the rank and file. This will ultimately be the demise of the Watchtower Society. Freedom and truth always find a way...

  • freedom96

    The internet is the most dangerous place of influence on the witnesses that has ever happened. Now anyone can log on the internet, and have access to anything they desire.

    First, I would imagine the main concern is for sites like the one we are currently on.

    Next, the easy access to millions of worldly websites, and no one will ever know.

    Therefore it is much easier to put a blanket ban on the internet. That being said however, every witnesss I know uses the internet daily. In this day and age, it is just not realistic to not use it. Oh sure, people can survive without it, but the fact is that it is a great information tool, way to communicate, and as time goes on, we will wonder how we existed without it.

    For the WTS, the internet is public enemy # 1.

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