How the JW org uses propaganda

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Back in 2005 a new branch was opened in Guatemala with a great fanfare and the ritual praise of God for his “blessing” on ”his people”. The triumphal chant was “Hail the theocracy ever increasing!” Since the branch has now closed so soon after opening, does this mean withdrawal of blessing and theocracy is diminishing? I would suggest it was never there in the first place but it was showcased as evidence of Divine approval. In Watchtower theocracy all the negatives are buried from the eyes and minds of the flock. Propaganda obscures the counter arguments.

    The 1914 generation fiasco should reduce the number of sentient witnesses in their ranks, those whose brains haven’t yet completely shrivelled. But many of the older ones in the org had been hanging on for dear life for a fulfilment of the 1914 generation. It had been repeated so much that in the minds of a true believer it was as good as done. No amount of repetition or flaying the brothers with threats and rewards makes a cult doctrine a real world fact...only a cult fact. That cult fiction is like a fairy gift fading away and the listeners to the propaganda are chastened and disappointed...but are they going to wake up?

    A third conspicuous piece of propaganda is the idea that the scripture using Jesus’ words to foretell the generation in his day would see all thing come to completion etc are to be fulfilled in our day. How convenient! Now, it is no longer in Fred Franz’s generation but to be in subsequent overlapped ones. (Pull the other leg!) This whole idea is so far removed from any real life, real world reality that it should be where it belongs; in the garbage of religious history. The JW org has contritely recognised that events do not have types and anti-types as Russell would have you believe so for heaven’s sake why would Jesus’ failed prophecy have a further fulfilment at a later time? It doesn’t make sense yet the Watchtower is built on this very foundation!

    Propaganda, the relentless repetition of ideas to a captive and willing audience has made JWs comfortable with the belief that the failed prophecy is for our time... this pivotal belief and motivating hope is nothing but empty propaganda. There was no mention in the scriptures of two thousand years later and the world is vastly better not getting worse than it ever was which the prophecy demands.

    JW propagandists should be aware that if there is to be a parallel with the first century, it will be that it is to be fulfilled today in the same total failure. What a relief! But who is waking up?

  • DesirousOfChange

    But who is waking up?


    It took me a long time to do so, but here I am!

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    Well as people are not entering the bOrg it shows the propaganda is no longer lulling people to sleep. As for JWs waking up, the alarm clocks are getting louder. The grand awakening is coming.
  • Vidiot

    At this point, they're not using it to try and bring people in.

    At this point, they're just using it to try and keep people in.

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