Assembly next weekend

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  • Deltawave

    So we have another assembly upon us next week and everyone is excited because.... It means no Thursday meeting and no Sunday meeting either. I have to say it intrigues me how happy very dedicated witness's are about the week of freedom. I jokingly said.... Shouldn't we all be sad their is no meeting.. And the reply was "we should be but it's great isn't it!"

    I am wondering if anyone from th forum has the bad luck to have to go to the assembly this weekend.

    I will be taking my wife..... The joys keep onincreasing

  • stuckinarut2


    For a group that supposedly "value every opportunity to gather and be taught by Jehovah", they love it when a meeting is skipped, or when a public speaker doesn't arrive and they get to go home early!

    Imagine if it was a music concert, or a movie they were going to...and IT got cancelled! I think they might be MORE upset by that rather than "the divine spiritual food" missed out on!

  • pepperheart
    If people are only going to meetings so they dont get shunned then that makes perfect sense
  • Magnum

    Yeah, I remember what a relief it was to have no midweek meeting(s) the week of an assembly or convention. I got a tiny sample of what it was like for my non-JW friends. I could only tolerate the JW grind because I thought I was doing right and it would soon pay off.

  • Deltawave

    When the hours for pioneering are dropped they celebrate,

    When the speaker doesn't turn up as stuckinarut2 said they celebrate

    When the assembly was cut down to one day they celebrate

    That's when they have the kingdom smile 😁😁😇

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    It will look like a Muppet Show once again, with on one hand some members of the GB showing their hypocritical smile and on the other hand their co-domestics licking their asses !

  • TheFadingAlbatros
    Please correct me : Instead of a Muppet Show, pleae read a WT Puppet Show !!!
  • carla
    What is the reason they don't have regular meetings when an assembly is coming up? Not that I mind, just wondering. I would think keeping the midweek & Sun meeting plus the 3 days of mind numbing dribble would make them extra dubby for quite some time.

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