Isn't that strange?

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  • Eppie


    Isnt it strange that within the JW religion (or as I like to call it after reading so many posts here: WBTS religion) there are so many differences? It seems as if they are very similar in their ways all over the world but when you look at it is not always the case. One example:

    On the website: (as recommended by someone on this site) I found the following sentence:

    'During the whole time that my husband was "falling away," no elders ever came to inquire as to where he was now, or if there was anything they could do to help me, since my husband no longer attended meetings or went out in field service.' This is the same thing that happens to me, I had a set of 'second parents', I was pregnant when I was 17 and in so much trouble (I lived with them, my parents didn't want me to be their daughter anymore, but luckily its all better now) but they helped me even though they new i was baptised and not married, but at that moment I still wanted to embrace the religion, for me and my child. My child however died and I decided not to be a JW anymore. At that moment they just dropped me and didn't even try anymore. It just seems that there is such a contradiction on the one hand you read sentences and stories like this:' they rather get new people than take care of their own', on the other side you see some threads here of people that have faded and have been contacted again after so many years.

    Another example is the story an elder told me the other day (don't worry Im definitely not a dub, just ran in to some elder that didn't know my story), and he told me that at that moment he was serving in a congregation that was very different: they didn't raise their hands when they had to answer, they just shouted out their opinion, and they always finished their meetings 20 minutes before the original meant time.

    There are many more examples of the differences. Does it depend on the persons serving the congregation? Does it mean that some really care and others don't?

    Another example: I am a medical student and one day I had a patient that said that she was a JW, that she did not accept blood but that she, both in her conscience and that of the elders as she discussed it with them, would accept blood of her own, blood that had been out of her body for weeks! I looked it up in old Watchtowers and Awakes and it always stated that that is NOT according to the rules.

    Why does it differ so much? Are they just cathing up in their own lies or do they just really care?

    Just some random thoughts (I am very drunk right now ), hope that it makes SOME sense at all.....


    PS: another thought: I had to make an exam today and I thought: please Jehovah help me, and then I had to laugh so hard as it is just a reflex to think that whilst I have been faded for two years!!!!

  • Utopian_Raindrops


    There is usually one individual who cares in every cong…..sometimes not..but usually at least one.

    Thing is…is one person cannot carry a whole cong and so all the stories of heartless situations that occur.

    In one cong I was in there was only ONE caring Elder! The poor guy trying to help each member in a loving way…running from this family to that…this single mom to the other!

    He eventually had a heart attack! I’m not joking.

    At the same time in the same cong since one caring elder is not enough I know of at least 7 single mothers who fled that cong and 3 who ended up homeless!

    I know of a fatherless young sister who was dissed when mercy should have been offered and elderly who sit at home alone with NO visitors…..all this in the same cong this one poor Elder was running around in trying to help.

    In another cong I attended with lots of young people full of youthful energy there was only ONE sister who opened her house for the kids to hang out at and have parties etc.

    She kept trying to get someone else to pick up the ball but NO! No one wanted to help keep the kids with any normal activities….there was just this one sister.

    Another cong I was in is BIG on parties and gatherings BUT very bad a charitable works for their widows, orphans, and just plain down on luck JW families.

    So these same people who will smile at you and ask you to come to a party will at the same time let you starve to death and go homeless!! I know of some elderly couples who fled this cong as well as some single moms.

    So you see Eppie you are right each cong is different so that is why you hear such conflicting stories.

    Still at the same time EACH cong does not have a clue on how to be a good neighbor and truly help their Brothers and Sisters through trials and tribulations.

    Drunk or not this was a good thought you posted…..really got me thinking!

    Gotta Luvz yaz Sugar,


    P.S. I try to use Father In Heaven much more Then Jehovah now….but yes…I still have that same reflex.

  • jgnat

    Ya, Eppie, that is strange that the society has so much variety, considering how much the FDS touts the organization's unity. Heck, everybody studies out of the same literature and sing the same songs at the same time.

    Personally, I think variety is great. I love variety in my food, in my education, and in my flower garden. Wouldn't it be awful if there was only one shade of pink in the world?

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