communicating with DF and inactive

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    the last study covered it pretty well. can I still tell my brother (not in) to tell his daughter to tell mine? Or how about smoke signals?

    It is our family business to keep everyone safe and sane as far as we can----------so bug off

  • faithnomore

    One of my favorite songs from Pusifer - Sour Grapes (Where's The Line?) has these lyrics...

    Uh, our first, our first message in question is coming in from Father Mudder from Xenia, Ohio.
    And he wants to know, uh, "How far can we go, Reverend, er, uh, can we touch, can we touch the line?"
    And the answer is, "No, Father. No, Father! To touch it would be to cross it cross it."
    Look, people, it's it's it's it's very simple, it's very simple.
    All, you all can have as much fun as your tummy can take, ya just can't cross, cross the line of sin.
    As as as tempting as that tasty plate of fresh baked, baked sin may appear, damnation and hell-fire are saturating the very plate on which it is, uh, delivered, uh, unto, unto you.
    Umm, we have a second caller? Okay. Good.
    Well, Sister Brudder calling in from, uh, Ravenna, Ohio.
    Uh, she wants to know, "Reverend Soquet, can we sniff the line?"
    Uh, and the answer is, "Yes, Sister. You can get right down on both knees and sniff that line and you, you can back your donkey right up to the line. And you can walk your doggy along the line, ya just can't cross the line. Hallelujah!"
  • MrRoboto

    Road, I like your reasoning and though I have no DF/DA family,I would definitely borrow your line of reasoning if I did.

    Really though,I would probably just get the boot if someone I cared about got the boot cuz there's no way I'm enforcing their laws.

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