I have been doing some research and JWS are the true religion :0D

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  • Deltawave

    I apologise for the sarcastic title, lol. So anyways I have been doing some research over the years and it would seem that evidence can be gathered to support any claim a person can make.

    Evolutionists see evidence of evolution, creationists see evidence of creation and each religion can find an excuse to call itself the true religion. In fact, even people who believe in lizard aliens that control the world can find evidence to support their claim! Check out Annuaki on YouTube for more info on that ha.

    So, I am inclined to take a neutral view of all religions, dogma and faiths. Religious neutrality would seem the only sensible option to avoid upsetting any God or Deity while at the same time maintaining that all religions and faiths can not stand up to honest scrutiny or inspection. This way I am neither offensive nor submissive to any theology and open to all ideas worthy of further research. Religious neutrality makes me... no part of the world!

  • cobweb

    I don't think you should equate evidence for evolution with 'evidence' for creation or gods. Its apples and oranges. People's belief in religion is based on faith not evidence. I agree with you that arguing about articles of faith is mostly pointless, although you can try to prove or disprove certain things based on archeology etc, but no true believer would care. Religion does touch upon provable scientific knowlege however, such as that we were created a few thousand years ago. This is not true. Evolution is a scientific fact. Again religious people usually won't care and ignore or adjust to accommodate. But its true nonetheless.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks to the information tsunami of the internet, it has become clear that there are opposing, qualified experts for virtually every topic or discipline. We can choose which experts we think sounds more credible.

    Examples; Kinder surprise eggs do/don't contain carcinogens; homeopathy does/doesn't have beneficial results; butter/margarine is bad for you.

  • nicolaou

    Post-truth nausea

  • cobweb

    I think that what the OP has expressed is a stage that many leaving JWs go through. Letting go of lifelong belief in 'THE Truth' can make one reticent and cautious about all claims of truth. It can be quite mentally peaceful for a while to let go and not worry about it - to let all the arguing go on about you and be accepting of others points of view without taking sides.

    This isn't necessarily where the OP will end up. The religion does not give people the ability to develop critical thinking in evaluating knowledge. It would be counterproductive to do so as those who develop critical thinking at university apply it to the religion and see it for what it is. My advice would be to try to access information on critical thinking, and develop your ability to assess whether things are likely to be true, as well as perhaps reading a primer on evolution. Jerry Coyne is very good.

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