movies, TV shows etc. That show a facet of growing up a JW.

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    There are quite a few movies and tv shows that I've seen discussed on this forum, that reflect the JW culture and teachings. Like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" , the Star Trek "Borgs". But I was thinking about certain episodes or portions of movies etc. that reflect specific aspects of being or growing up a JW.

    I thought of an early episode of Star Trek called "Miri"

    Captain Kirk, Spock and McCoy (along with the infamous red shirted security guy) investigate a planet that only has children living on it. The adult population has been wiped out by a virus of the their own making. It was supposed to extend their life (or maybe never die) but instead it killed all the adults. What is left is all of the children that don't seem to age. They also remain childlike. But there are also creatures that appear from time to time, covered in scabs and are violent that attack the children. Only a few older children sort of connect these creatures with past friends. Kirk and the crew find out that when the children hit puberty (after a hundred years? can't remember) then the virus attacks them, causing them to age rapidly, become covered in scabs and turn violent. Then die.

    The girl Miri, because she falls for Kirk, hits puberty and becomes the example that helps the other children to accept help from the enterprise.

    I relate to this because my mother, to this day, is still a child. The idea of never growing old is what got her started in this religion. It pushed away the need to look ahead for old age and it's problems. One day in her 50's, she told me she had some "disease" in her eyes. She was panicky. Turns out it was just the result of aging and her needing glasses. Most people in the real world, realize that. Old age and death, were never a possibility. With the WT's "new" teachings, she became very depressed at the thought of her death. A really new thought for her.

    Do you remember, or did you have the assembly experience of a pioneer sister, who suddenly found her teeth breaking apart and needing funds? She had no idea that aging and/or poor dental care brought about this. It was a complete surprise to her.

    But I also have found that being raised in this kind of "blissful" ignorance, has had it's affect on me too. Although it wasn't that I thought I was going to make it into the New Order, but that I would be killed off before I was 20. I never thought I would be this old and I didn't know of some of the effects of aging either or contemplated retirement. I also didn't protect my health, which is going to probably going to kill me earlier rather than later.

    I'm sure there is many more examples. Please share if you have any.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    That's the nice thing about art, whether it's stories, music, etc. Based on our personal life experiences certain things can seem like allegory even if they weren't intended that way. On my way out I experienced the same thing with Star Wars, with the empire's propaganda, thought and information control seeming to mirror the GB. One of the novels even had a story of a family where the parents were proud to give their daughter to serve the empire, but when she started to be critical of it she went missing. Even then the parents refused to accept the facts and we're loyal to the empire, but her brother became 'PIMO' if you will and stayed in to bring the empire down from within and save his family.

  • Vidiot

    I wanted to be a rock star. I didn't become one, because I was dutiful and obedient.

    I was dutiful and obedient because I was afraid of being destroyed, and also "Armageddon" had become my own personal supernatural revenge fantasy.

    In retrospect, these things were not healthy.

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