Casting Out DEMONS

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    If someone believes they're being plagued with demons or they have problems with hauntings, things moving by themselves or hearing voices or footsteps, who they gonna call?

    I know they take demons very seriously, so who in the congregation do they go to when they need to bring out the big guns? Do they try to handle it themselves or is this a job for the elders? Or is there someone else who handles these matters? And when they attempt to cast out demons, do they use the name of Jehovah or Jesus? Or both?

    Does anyone have any first- or second-hand stories they can relate? Some time ago we discussed objects people had acquired from worldly people at garage or lawn sales that were thought to be possessed. In those cases the items were merely disposed of by throwing them away or giving them to another worldly person. I don't think any attempts were made to actually cast the demons out of, say, a Pink Floyd audio CD. (My grandma used to have hand fans from funeral parlors in the house, and our JW family members weren't happy to have them lying around! I don't know why...they worked just fine!)

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