Valis: Hugs and Kisses ;)

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  • onacruse

    Hey dude, I also miss our chats! You, joy2bfree, LyinEyes, and a lot, lot, lot of others really opened my heart this last summer and fall.

    Frankly, I've been struggling with Katie is so good, but the life stories of all the new people that come to this board every day make me feel so sad, angry, hateful toward the WTS...and counting my own blessings. I'm in a bit of a spin; I've had to step back a bit and catch my breath. And I also need to fill back in the holes in my belief structure...there's a whole bunch of flotsam and jetsam floating behind me now. Currently I'm reading Ouspensky's Tertium Organum, Meyerson's Identity and Reality, and Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Farkel suggested a couple other books, and sheesh, I haven't even thoroughly read ISOCF yet.

    So much to learn, so little time.


  • moreisbetter


    I think I may understand a little what you you mean. I'm not in any league to discuss doctrine. However I do empathize with the horrid stories of so, so many everyday folks of how they experienced this cult. It can be a little overwhelming (or at least for me right now). Each story is different and each pain unique. But each one is validated proof of the JW lie. I wish you and Katie the very best in all your endeavors.

    May you always have love and peace, theresa

  • animal

    When bikerchic was here yesterday, I gave her hell cuz since you got married, I dont talk to ya anymore. Of course, I was tormenting her and was anything but serious. She laffed, basically saying "tuff shit" with that smile.

    While talking to some of my Angels, it was agreed that time spent on the computer has to back off, for me anyhow. I have bikes and a car to fix and maintain, plus the house. So, I put myself on a timed system for now.

    And look here, I wasted some of my precious online time replying to YOU!

    Animal (slapping self)

  • LyinEyes

    AWWW Ona,,,,,,,,, I havent been in chat lately, and you know I really do miss talking to everyone. While we all enjoyed each other's company in Dallas, we came home really missing each other.

    I tried to go in chat here a few times, and it was not working right, but will look for you and Katies name, when I see ya'll in there I will most definatly pop in.

    You know Ona, I am going thru some of the same things,,,,,,,in fact , I had started awhile back my Bible reading, thinking of things, and well, I just get so confused ....Basically I just tell my poor little feeble mind that God loves us and He will only do good for us in the end. I do know that what ever gift we get from Him will be by Grace and nothing, I can really do, except be a good person.

    But in time, I would like to do more reading, and since you are reading all those wonderful books, you can let me know what you think. This summer I hope to sit out in the sun,,,,,,,under a big straw hat and do some reading. You are right, there just doesnt seem to be enough time for us to learn all that , we need to,,,,,,, escpecially coming into the world of knowledge alot later than most of the living But at least we are finally on our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now if I can stop being so pissed off about all the WT crap, and their ignorant ways, maybe I will stop working myself into a hissy fit..........Last night I was so mad at my Dad, (active JW who will not speak to me, long story, more than just JW stuff)........I literally thought of what would happen if we were in the same room, and it wasnt good, I actually found myself, with my fist balled up and my arms crossed in a defensive mode. It is hard to let the anger go.

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