Chester Bennington dead (Linkin Park)

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  • Daniel1555

    So sad.... 😟

  • dubstepped

    Celebrity deaths don't usually hit me, but this one does. Their music was a great escape for me as a JW. The first concert that my wife and I ever went to together was just after we disassociated and Linkin Park was the headliner. Chester had broken his leg and still went out and performed like a boss. He did have to cancel dates afterward, but he was up there in a full cast. My wife was in tears during that show. It was a huge moment for us, to be out in the big world at our first big concert, in our brand new life without our families and the cult. Some of the songs hit her hard.

    Here is a video from that concert of Chester singing.

    When my time comes
    Forget the wrong that I've done
    Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
    And don't resent me
    And when you're feeling empty
    Keep me in your memory
    Leave out all the rest
    Leave out all the rest

  • Daniel1555

    Wow dubstepped.... thanks for telling this experience.

  • _Morpheus

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