Assisted living for older JWs

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  • StarTrekAngel

    Hi everyone... have not been around here in a while

    I am asking of your assistance at this time on a topic. I know this has been briefly covered before but some of the link in old threads are no longer working

    The topic is these communities created for older JWs. Here is an example

    They claim to have no association with the Watchtower. Are they playing the word game? Like, we are not associated with the Watchtower but omit to mention they are associated with the Christian Congregation of JWs?

    An old thread in this forum mentions something about people having to pay for their own until their funds ran out. After that the place would consider supporting you if you had a good recommendation. But those links are no longer working

    Wasn't there also a place for retired COs?

    Any info you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. Wife chats with this older man who washes the windows at her office. Ironic, I know. The man also organizes trips to Bethel NY and was telling her about how in Canada they have this type of place. I wanted to send my wife some links to look over.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Hmmm wonder if they would still provide as all those texts mention, if none of those old timers had the finances to pay. NOT. Hypocrites.

  • nugget

    See below the marketing spiel for one of their homes in Wigan in the UK. My MIL worked there for a while. I have heard rumours that the working practices were as you would expect from a JW focused business. I.e. they employed JWs but then wouldn't pay extra for Christmas working.

    Our home in Wigan was purchased in 1995 and opened in 1996 after renovations were completed. Jah-Jireh Wigan is different from our other care homes as it is also registered as a Nursing Home and cares for some of our more frail residents. We care for the elderly and also some younger brothers and sisters who have physical disabilities. It is a two storey building with lounges and sitting areas on both levels. The lounges and dining room overlook the gardens which are beautifully maintained with comfortable sitting areas that can be utilised for entertaining visitors.

    We have nurses on duty 24 hours a day who work under the close direction of both our Nursing Manager (an RGN) and Business Manager, along with a team of experienced carers, 40% of which have been working with us for more than 5 years.

  • StarTrekAngel

    What involvement, if any, is there from the GB or WT? Is this all private pay?

  • nugget

    As far as I know this is a private enterprise.

    Here is there list of FAQs

    • How many homes are there and where are they located?

      We have four homes. Blackpool, Leyland and Merthyr Tydfil are all registered for residential care and our home in Wigan is registered for residential and nursing care.

      Categories: location

    • How do I express my interest in coming to Jah-Jireh?

      You will need to complete our application form. If you need any help with this or would prefer to speak to someone first, then please contact the admissions team:

      Tel: 01772 633380
      Email: [email protected]

      Categories: admission , application

    • What availability is there for respite care?

      At least one room in every home is designated for respite care. A booking can be confirmed only when Jah-Jireh has agreed that your care needs can be met.

      Categories: respite care

    • I am my mother’s/father’s main carer and I am struggling to cope. Can you help?

      Yes we can. Provided we can meet the required care needs, we can offer respite care (minimum of one week) to help you to have a break from your caring role. Your local Social Services team may agree to assist you with the funding if you meet their criteria.

      Categories: respite care

    • Could I receive regular respite care?

      Yes, provided we have rooms available and we can meet your needs. We welcome brothers and sisters back repeatedly for respite breaks. You may be able to obtain council funding for a number of weeks per year.

      Categories: respite care

    • What is in a respite room?

      Our respite rooms contain a bed, 2 sets of drawers, a wardrobe and an armchair. They usually have a TV as well.

      Categories: respite care , bedroom, furniture

    • How can I contact a social worker?

      If you contact your local council and ask for the Adult Social Care team, a duty officer will take your details and refer you to a social worker who may then contact you to make arrangements to visit you.

      Categories: Social Services , Social Worker

    • Will I have to sell my home before coming to Jah-Jireh if I don’t have savings?

      You could to discuss this with your local council. They may be able to help you with their ‘Deferred Payments’ scheme. In any case please contact our admissions team to discuss your options.

      Categories: property , finances, Social Services

    • What if I have no home to sell, no savings and the funding offered by the council does not cover the cost of care at Jah-Jireh?

      Do not be put off. Please contact us to discuss your options

      Categories: property , savings, finances

    • What if I feel that I or a relative needs residential care but my social worker disagrees?

      Please contact us to discuss your situation. Our advisors may be able to suggest a suitable course of action.

      Categories: Social Worker , Social Services, assessment

    • Do you provide nursing care?

      Yes, our home in Wigan, Lancashire is able to provide nursing care.

      Categories: nursing care , admissions

    • Do you take people who have dementia?

      Yes we do, provided we are able to meet their care needs. A full assessment of physical and mental health care needs is required in order to determine this.

      Categories: assessment , dementia care, admissions

    • I am a baptised Jehovah’s Witness, but my spouse is not, although they attend all of the meetings at Kingdom Hall. Could we both come to Jah-Jireh together?

      Please contact our admissions team to discuss your situation.

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