JW Husband on Trial for Spousal Abuse

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  • jgnat

    This is an Edmonton case. I came across this article today. I wonder what his standing in the congregation is?


  • RunningMan

    The article doesn't state that the husband is a JW. By the way it was worded, I assumed that he was an unbeliever.

    However, you can still spot the JW crime in all of this. Their policy on marraige trapped this woman in a situation that she should have gotten away from.

    Once again, their outdated, stupid, narrow-minded policies have hurt another person.

  • jgnat

    Oops! You could be right, RunningMan. It is clear she was a JW, and would have been instructed to "Wait on Jehovah."

  • Death by Questions
    Death by Questions

    This brings to mind my own personal experience with my parents......I once asked my Mom how she never once left my Dad, even by just seperating,for the abuse my entire family went through. She told me it was because she thought it was the right thing to do. She did say she often thought about it,but was afraid of displeasing Jehovah,so she stayed....

  • jgnat

    Grrrrr. Jesus always stood up for the downtrodden. How many hookers got stoned on his watch? The Christian counselling service that led me out of an abusive relationship told me that it was never God's intention to condone violence in a marriage. As soon as a man hits his wife, he has broken his covenant to love her as his own body.

  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child

    Sounds so familiar. My sister was shot down right outside a civic center after a citcuit assembly by her witness boy friend who then killed himself. All she wanted was out.

  • lollydawdle

    The article doesn't say that the husband was a witness, only that HER faith prevented her from leaving him. Can you provide more detail? I'm not defending him, witness or not! Just my sense of fairness that wants to be placated.

  • blacksheep

    Yeah, wait on Jehovah...maybe her husband one day be moved by her not getting angry and just taking the beatings and become a baptized witness of Jehovah!

    Ugh. Glad she finally did something about it. Wonder what her standing in the congregation will be for finally leaving the jerk and THEN telling the media that her religion kept her from doing so earlier. What a reproach upon Jehovah's wonderful org..

    Maybe the fact that he sexually asaulted her sister finally gave her "scriptual" grounds so the WTS gave the go ahead...

  • blacksheep

    "Yeah, wait on Jehovah...maybe her husband one day be moved by her not getting angry and just taking the beatings and become a baptized witness of Jehovah!"

    I should have added, where he'll be habored by Jehovah's loving org to continue his sexual assualts (having free access to lots of women, and even *childen*) and he won't have to fear that his victims will go to the police. They, of course, wouldn't want to be disfellowshipped. So he can work on the elders and have a great gig going for quite some time.

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