More than a mistake: facts and fun

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    A frequent destination for JW's when confronted with some WT history is the safe haven of "yes, we made some mistakes, but we were WILLING to change." Of course for them this puts a nice and satisfying postive spin on a conversation going the wrong way: How admirably humble. The simple question in response would be "if you say the end of the world will come on this date, and it doesn't, how WILLING do you have to be to change?" But clearly everyone makes mistakes..., what is it about the WTS that goes beyond a simple mistake...however well-intentioned or purely motivated? I gladly offer two examples:

    1. Mistakes are fine until you insist on repeating them. 1975 was the fourth try at the 6000 year thing. They were wrong once, ok whatever...twice, that probably shouldn't have happened...three, please stop it already, this is God we're talking about...four, alright that's it, you're wrong, it isn't a mistake's an obsession and your wonderful willingness clearly is taking new shape. And you still haven't learned "to quit fixing dates" you arrogant hypocritical liar. Hey, I didn't say anything the first three times, so you brought it on yourself. Don't threaten my relationship with my family, friends, and God're not qualified. What do you think Deuteronomy means? "Do not be afraid of them."

    2. It isn't a mistake if it's deliberate. It's more than that when the WTS purposely and conscientiously deceives. I can say with certainty that a several thousand year old pile of Egyptian rock, however well crafted, did not change in size over the few years the WTS was, the WTS plainly chose to alter the truth so as to make their chronological numbers work. Need another just to be sure? How about ''75 again..."we never said that". Um, yes you did...many times. What else would explain the huge losses in membership? They were faithful and believed you, but you lied to them and they had no love and follow the truth they left, and rightfully so. Turns out is was you, the WTS who was guilty of apostasy, you left God's word and will and required others to follow. And yet you still claim you are the only one that can hear and understand the Almighty? No, not a mistake, it's more than that. It's just like the Bible says: "...evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived."

    One last plea...stop the blasphemy! You said...

    "Jesus' own promise...according to the testimony of the prophets...Jesus assured us...the Bible's promise...Jesus said...the Creator's promise... Jehovah's prophetic word..."

    ...all relating to teachings that would now get a faithful witness literally thrown overboard from your so-called spiritual ark. You're supposed to hunger for the truth, instead you've gotten power hungry. And don't you dare accuse me either! What's that? "Surely there is not the slightest room for doubt in the mind of a truly consecrated child of God that..." Hey, watch yourself pal, I love the truth but I'm not trying to take credit for it, that was are a hundred quotes, I'm not teaching anything. Jesus told us HE was the truth, remember? The way and the life too, and he admitted that he didn't even know the day or the hour. Whyzat so hard? You make me tired.


    You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. Come to think of it, you can't even pick your friends. How sad.

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    Will Power


    Excellent description gig, sounds like you've been on both sides?


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    I love it !!!! you put that so well !

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