What are their true intentions?

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  • JH

    For those who were visited by the elders in the recent weeks, what impression did you get from their visit.

    Were they friendly, and honest about seeing you at the hall again without questioning, or did they ask all kinds of questions trying to accuse you of something, and wanted to hear you say something that would DA'd yourself automatically?

    Bottom line, were they there to help you come back, or to help you DA yourself?

  • gitasatsangha

    I got one visit, just the once and that was years ago. I think I am DA'd now. I'm not sure, really. But at the time I was trying to do the Fade thing (before I knew it had a name). The elder was a good friend of mine, and some little toadie accompanied him. We talked for awhile. They really tried, in their way, to be encouraging, but I think their friend knew at the time that this stuff between him and I was BS. There was no way we were going to have an honest discussion with that other dude in the room. Finally I just said that I was moving and would be going to another hall once I got there. It was a half truth. I was moving. I think my friend knew it and was a litle glad he didn't have to get involved any further. And I was glad not to involve him. He's a good man. I think in another world and in another sect, he'd be a good minister too.

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