Watched 1st WT Video in 30 years!

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  • Wonderment

    Today I watched my 1st WT Drama Video since 30 years ago when I quit as a JW member. The strange thing is that I did not choose to start watching this video. It was my wife who's never been a Witness, who started going over the site, and came across the new videos.

    She started watching the Daniel Drama Video, and then I noticed this was quite different from the dramas we were exposed to decades ago. Back then the WT dramas were, comparatively speaking, of poor quality. Most of the brothers & sisters who took part then were not really good actors. I myself participated in a couple of them, in one, we had to study for months to memorize the lines. The recent Daniel video is way above those from the past. They are more like modern movies, and surprisingly, of good quality.

    They are still lacking the most dramatic, explosive parts of mainstream movies, but hey, I was impressed enough with their latest efforts. Considering the WT lacks the experience of major movie studios, the finished product is not bad at all.

    Would anyone here care to relate your honest impressions on the recent WT dramas-movies they been hatching?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They are better. Complete with special effects, some bought from outside expertise. Jonah was good. They fleshed out the characters. Minor things like jonah having a mid 20s unmarried sister bug me. Everyone seems to like Jade and Neeta, jade better because she isn't as prudish.

    I would give them about equal to late 40s early 50s Hollywood. Their new studio will maybe help.

    They still have their narrative though.

    I was a slave laborer on the old dramas too.

  • Smiles

    WT theatre productions may have improved since the days of convention stage lip-sync dramas, but...

    Still those laughably fakes beards!

    along with dull awkward dialogue that is unconvining because the "actors" are just an in-house collection of favored JW good ol' boys that are not even allowed to grow a real beard for the sake of biblical reenactment realism

    There are better cosmetics and better dramatising performances to be seen in low grade B movies and cancelled Hallmark Channel stories.

    The only redeeming quality of WT videography might be some of the digital special effects (for example: the fiery angel scene in the Hezekiah/Assyria feature) but WT sanitizes their portrayals of graphic biblical passages, so even the WT special effects fall short of its potential.

    Even children notice what lacks in WT stuff.

  • BluesBrother

    Sitting at home and watching a video they must be tons better than a film of one of our old dramas. They were performed by bods like us miming to a pre recorded tape (which in the U.K. sounded way too American) and gesturing wildly to make a point....

    At a stadium though, performed live , I enjoyed the old ones far more . There was the buzz of a live performance and you knew it was your best friend out there under the frock and beard and you prayed that he did not screw up! Would the right prop be in the right place ? That all added to the excitement of it.

    Despite the slick videos, I enjoyed those old dramas more and remember them though the recent videos are soon forgotten.

  • Gorb

    I hated it in the past and still now.



  • Vidiot

    WT studios should make a true-to-the-text adaptation of the “Revelation Climax” book.

    It’d be the most batshit crazy thing ever seen.


    Five years ago I started a thread on the awful, prerecorded, dubbed Watchtower Assembly Dramas.

    Assembly Dramas:They were so bad.... but.... you waited for them to break away from the monotony!

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