Inferior Watchtower Morality?

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  • metatron

    I note a very positive trend in the world. It concerns apologies
    and requests for forgiveness. Recently, there have been
    apologies or other such expressions from heads of corporations
    (Firestone), military leaders (the Japanese fishing boat sinking),
    and politicians (Senator Kerrey's involvement in Vietnam).
    This is a very healthy trend - I understand that corporate
    leaders in Japan have done this for some time (airline crashes).

    I'm not naive about all of the motivations involved - politics
    and P.R. being what it is - nevertheless, it still shows a
    degree of humility - and often, real remorse (how many top
    military leaders would willingly cry on camera?).

    I'm sure the Awake or Watchtower will make some comment about
    how awful the world is , while observing the events that led
    to the tragedies involved - ALL THE WHILE IGNORING THE SUBTLE
    MORAL CHANGE that is taking place in the world.

    They need to ignore this and other trends in the world, after
    all, they CAN'T APOLOGIZE for:

    supporting Nazi propaganda against Jews
    false chronology about 1975
    false prophesy about the "generation" ("You will never grow old..")
    the torture and death of thousands in Malawi (oops!)
    people who died thinking organ transplants were forbidden
    old people who failed to save for retirement ("the End is SOON!")
    encouraging endless guilt and resulting depression (Read 6/1WT pg14)

    and much more...

    If you still are unconvinced that "worldly" apologies carry
    any sacrificial value or weight, please consider the contrast
    here. Such apologies must carry weight, otherwise the Watchtower
    would apologize (like those immoral worldly people!)

    and they won't!


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