the cart!

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  • tiki

    Saw my first cart today! At a red light by a little park in the center of the city where there were lots of tents set up and people selling crafts...on the corner by a bus step I see what I thought was an undertaker. Black suit...whit shirt dark tie...and it struck me odd why an undertaker would be there when the funeral homes are a way up the street. There was another guy with jacket just shirt..pants...couldn't see if he had a tie...then I saw the dinky contraption. So sad how silly they have become. Must be a co in town or something because later I drove by a duplex and there were one pair of females at one door and a second pair at the other...and given the big bags and long skirts...pretty obvious......

  • Bangalore

    Many prefer it because it is much more easy than going door to door.Easy way to get your hours in.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    I know in the hall I attended the pioneers love it for the easy hours and no talking to people.

  • Chook

    Thank god I wasn't a Jw when they used to have the placards in Rutherfords day. Every form of marketing is cyclical.

  • tiki

    Do they realize how lame they look? And where they station themselves...the passersby are mainly homeless or disenfranchised if they take then in...are they going to support them too?

  • steve2

    Inoculate yourself against people approaching you by dressing like an undertaker.

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