Offended by JW letter targeting obituaries

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  • betterdaze

    Local father offended by Jehovah's Witness letter, claims its writer is targeting obituaries

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local father who wishes to remain anonymous sent Action News Jax a copy of a letter sent to his family's church.

    The letter read in part: "Sorry about your loss. I read about it from the obituary."

    Jehovah’s Witness literature was attached to the letter.

    “In a time when a family is grieving they need to be surrounded by family and friends. That's not a time for a person to proselytize their views,” the father said.

    More at link.

  • betterdaze

    JW responds in comments:

    I bet they would not have felt this way if it was anonymus with money inside instead of the material that was attached.

  • Saintbertholdt
    “In a time when a family is grieving they need to be surrounded by family and friends. That's not a time for a person to proselytize their views,” the father said.

    Ooh, ooh I've done that. And now I feel sad.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Our tactless and propaganda filled speeches in funeral of JW's are not enough, let us extend our poor taste in consoling victims to worldly people.
  • truthseeker100
    That crazy old loon counting time no doubt as she sends out similar letters to other area grieving families. Why can't they stick her on a trolly somewhere? What a chance at witnessing the Witnesses gave up by not responding to the press!

    Wow. Then the JWs basically call the worldly father greedy! What assholes!


  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Why can't they stick her on a trolly somewhere?

    Trolly's outside cemetaries or funeral homes?

    Where else?

    Hospitals / Nursing homes / UN headquarters / ???

  • LisaRose
    It's the same as chasing ambulances, using someones personal tragety to advance their own agenda. Of course they think they are doing them a favor, but they fail to realize that other people have their own faith and deeply held beliefs and may be comforted by the thought that their loved one is in heaven. The JWs are in effect telling them that they are not really in heaven, just dead, and if you want to see them again you just have to become a JW. It's offensive to say the least.
  • apostrate


    I'm reminded of an article I read sometime back in the 80's. There was a Playboy Playmate, I think her name was Dorothy Stratten. She was murdered by her jealous boyfriend. I don't remember who wrote the article but they were recounting some of the events that went down prior to and after her murder.

    Anyway, the woman's grieving mother was at home after the murder and she got a knock at the door (guess who?). A couple of JW's. Somehow in the conversation, the JW's realized that this was the dead woman's mother (it was big news at the time).

    Now, this is not a verbatim quote, mind you, but the Witnesses told her in an attempt to comfort her, See! according to the Bible, your daughter is not in Heaven! She's lying dead in a grave! (Oooh, isn't that comforting?)

    The woman took the Bible from their hands and turned to a scripture and read, "And Judas went forth and hanged himself".

    Then she turned to another scripture and read, "Go therefore and do likewise!"

    Then she shut the door on the JW's.

    Now, I can't say whether this event actually happened or not. But from what I saw in my 33 years as a JW, I have no problem in believing its probability.

  • jwleaks
    *** km 1/70 p. 8 Presenting the Good News—By Letter ***Presenting the Good News—By Letter
    1 A crippled sister in Philadelphia finds it necessary to carry on most of her witnessing activity by writing letters. She keeps very busy in her service to Jehovah and she enjoys good success in her work, receiving many replies to her letters. What does she write in her letters? To whom does she write? Where does she get her addresses?
    2 To read one of her letters you would think that she was standing at your door talking to you. Often it starts: “Good morning. My name is————. I am ‘writing to share with you some information the Bible provides on ‘finding the true religion.’ I do hope this will brighten your day.” In continuing the letter she usually uses the presentation outlined in the Kingdom Ministry, putting it in her own words. Yes, she writes her letter just as if she were talking to the person in a friendly manner, face to face.
    3 Many in the congregation know that this sister has had good success in witnessing by mail. So they give her names and addresses of individuals to whom they would like her to write. She writes to individuals that she and other publishers have met in the hospital. One brother met a businessman who lived in another part of the country. This man showed interest in the truth. So the brother gave his name and address to this sister, who continued to develop the interest by mail. Some names she gets from the obituary column. Or if there is information in the local paper about new mothers, or engaged individuals, she writes them, sharing good news from the Scriptures to encourage them as they embark upon their new responsibilities. The overseer has gone into the lobbies of apartment houses where the publishers cannot get in to witness, and he has copied the names and apartment numbers off the mailboxes so that this sister can contact these individuals by mail. Names and addresses have been obtained from the phone book as well as other sources.
    4 This sister is very busy and very happy in the theocratic privileges that are hers. No matter what our situation in life, all of us can have a share in making the good news available to others, too. Those of us who are physically able will want to use our time and energy in the house-to-house work and other regular features of the ministry. It is not intended that able-bodied publishers and pioneers spend much of their time writing letters. But those who are bedridden, or confined to their homes for various reasons, either permanently or temporarily because of illness, bad weather, or for other reasons, may be able to make good use of their time and energy in Jehovah’s service as outlined above. We appreciate the urgency of the times. Our having as full a share as possible in Jehovah’s service is important, as the time left is reduced.

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