Kat Newmas Shares another art piece.

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  • kat_newmas

    If you go to the topic "will I ever belong"... you will see some other artwork... Just noticed alot of you sharing pictures and stuff. This painting entitled "Sadness", the name says it all. I spent many years feeling that way after leaving the religous structure. Like I did not belong. Art saved my butt. Tony Hutt is a photographer... he took a picture of this model... and I just saw the "shame" in the photograph... so I painted it... I did it in about twenty minutes. What do ya think? I still mix all my own colors... from the primaries... and use alot of leftover house paints.. but since my studio took off.. I can now afford real paint... I just like the old way better for some reason. Opinions alway welcome.... and no I am not gay... I am married, to lovely british woman.... the pecker was there, so I painted it too.

  • jgnat

    Ummm, art from your C:/ drive will not show. You have to post it somewhere on the 'net. I don't know what the favorites are anymore.

  • kat_newmas

    I can see it on my screen.. but I could not see your reply until I went through your profile and clicked on posting history. Thanx for the info though.

  • JamesThomas

    Try here. Just register and upload.


  • kat_newmas

    thanks! but i have to go to work now... do it tonight.. see ya.


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