There is a reason the mass exodus hasnt happaned yet

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  • nevaagain

    Before I was fully awake (I was never really) I would use the time at the meetings for day dreaming, for solving work related problems (in my mind) or just simply not fully listening to the talks. After awhile everything just sounds all the same to you, nothing new. Think about it, I was really disappointed when they got rid of the announcements part, because actually thats the only part, where you could have heard something new (when the announcements where not from the kingdom ministry of course)

    my dad has been a watchtower conductor for several years (more than 30, with a few breaks in the middle) he used to tell me that he is dissaopointed with the brothers because not enough ppl raise their hands and for him the reason is that not many are prepared. and i told my dad point blank that the reason is that the brother just dont care about reading the material and commenting about and they just want to get it over with to get their life back.

    A couple of meetings ago we had a program point just discussing numbers from the year book and comparison with our numbers! i thought to myself, this program point offers exactly zero "spiritual food"! Every witness who is fully aware should see that for the Watchtower it is just a numbers game.

    anyway, my point is that most publishers dont even listen to the program and they keep coming and just endure the chore. they want to get it over with so they can associate with their friends again after the meeting, which seems to be the most fun part of the meeting. (just like the break is the most fun part of assemblies and the music before the assembly starts is the most sad thing, because this means that the fun time is over)

    if more witnesses would actually listen to the program, more would wake up

  • Vidiot

    There's more than one kind of exodus.

    As far as I'm concerned, we are the exodus.

  • Londo111
    You might be on to something. I know some JWs who did not know official doctrine was that come the Big A, everyone would be eternally destroyed but for JWs. I believe they simply tuned out or did not retain what they heard.
  • prologos

    EXit Of Doubters US.

    added: The exodus was of a mixed multitude: those were kicked out and the ones that left volontarily to make it a mass more have to start listening , then doubt, then be disfellowshipped. It is not going yo happen with the introduction of the weekly colouring book.

  • Vidiot

    prologos - "...the introduction of the weekly colouring book."

    That one made me laugh.

  • Crazyguy
    Yep the last hall I went to was a good bunch of people, I was surprised looking around several Sundays at all these watchtowers not studied.
  • blondie
    The biggest exodus I saw was after the 1975 Fiasco, the numbers dropped 2% around 1978 and 1979....but then it went back up again after new people came in who were never told about 1975...the WTS buried it.
  • daringhart13

    That is really the bottom line isn't it?

    If more JW's used their minds, studied and listened......they would wake up!

    They don't study....they don't read....that generation of JW is already out (as seen here daily)

  • Virgochik
    Nevaagain, I accidentally hit the dislike button. I'm sorry! I really liked your post!

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