Why I Ain't One

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  • Stephanus

    This quote from StiLLinTruth in Esmeralda's MS thread:

    Hey Ezmie my dear, don't worry about your illness.
    It will be gone in the new world..

    ..providing you make it there!


    This attitude of the dedicated 'Witness is the reason I'll never join! This is the closest the bastards can come to expressing empathy: "Do the right thing according to our set of rules, and everything will be fine at some unspecified future date, but DON'T ask us to lift a finger to help!"

    I've told the story several times on different boards, but SIT may not have heard it -

    The incident which truly convinced me that the WT is not "the Troof" was when a little old lady JW, with the same warm spirit as SIT, came to our door one month after the death of our 8 yo daughter and began ridiculing our belief regarding our daughter's current state. I've never seen such a brass-plated version of the Golden Rule in my life! :(

    To Esmeralda:

    All the best and I hope tomorrow (it's probably a bit late in the day where you are to say "today") is one of the good days!

  • mommy

    I completely agree! The comments that are made by some witnesses are completly heartless to all who have not been brainwashed. I know I feel ill about the times I have made comments like this. The Jw's live such a temporary life, nothing around them is real and can leave at any moment. This gives them a sense of detaching their feelings from situations, and the inability to really "feel" for someones plight.

    Yes they may appear to care, but the comments they make are proof they have no idea how to get in touch with the feelings they have.It really is sad, and my heart breaks for them. And my heart breaks for those whose comments they affect.

    ESSIE! ((((HUGS)))) You know we love you And I know that comment may have just slid off yor back, knowing what a strong woman you are. If not, you know we care.

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