Are you A comments/like junkie?

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  • olongapo joe
    olongapo joe
    I admit that I am, I started a thread on my youthful drinking, that went absolutely nowhere. So here I am looking for some love. I have spent hours on this site reading others experiences (real or imagined), I question some of John Aguilars( I did not comment on Johns post, just mentally thought it sounded a little far fetched) and notice when others question how he is always in the right place at the right time, he seems to stop commenting. Is he truthful? I don't know. I will try and back up any post I start, and I see most posters here will try and do the same, unless fading and trying to remain incognito. I give Simon or any other moderator permission to verify I am posting from the Philippines. I hope to have some insightful post in a week or two, as I will be traveling to the states and visiting jw family in Ohio. I hope to drop some info I have learned here, and hopefully plant some seeds. Would in the future, posting if jw related or not, help any one out? As this is an x-jw site I would not want to waste anyone's time.
  • WingCommander
    John A, is truly a trip. By his account, he's met HUNDREDS of Apostates in his adventures, meetings, and travels. He's openly spoken to Elders about JW doctrine, helped active JW's leave, and much, much more! All the while, somehow never being asked to attend a Judicial Committee? I'll let you decide how bonafide his fairy tales are.

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