May 24, 2017 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Donations to “Jehovah’s Witnesses of India” by Indian Passport Holders

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  • wifibandit
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    wow.... thank you for this...

  • freddo

    Isn't there a scripture about not using this world to the full? Seems WT uses every financial loophole it can find to its benefit ...

    1st Cor. 7 v 31

  • smiddy

    It never ceases to amaze me how the creator of all things including Gold , Silver , Diamonds ,other precious gems , etc, never himself provides any of this wealth ,however he is not backward in coming forward asking through his one and only true religion on earth for jehovahs Witnesses the rank and file , to give up their hard earned money to support his earthly organizations accumilation of wealth

  • pale.emperor

    Maybe im missing something. But whats the problem with this?

  • stillin

    I'm guessing that they want money.

  • darkspilver

    Remember this is India - the government withdrew two banknotes (500R and 1000R) as legal currancy with just a few hours notice:

    Maybe im missing something. But whats the problem with this?

    haha nothing really...

    But remember the darkspilver mantra: look beyond and behind what is written

    The OP letter would appear to be a re-hash from one sent out in March 2016:

    Letter - March 21, 2016: Re: Donations to “Jehovah’s Witnesses of India” (

    Which itself appears to be a re-hash from one sent out in December 2013:

    Letter - December 2, 2013: Re: To all Congregations who have Indian citizens as members (

    Why has this been needed?

    Because over the last couple of years there must have been a phenomenal growth of thousands-upon-thousands of Indian ex-pats from around the world becoming JWs - so the GB was re-issued these letters to show all these new JWs how they are uniquely positioned to be able to help spread the 'good news' back home in India

  • Drearyweather
    Why has this been needed?

    Another reason for this- In 2001, the Bombay High Court prohibited the Indian Branch Office to receive foreign contributions. This happened when the Indian Branch Office was about to complete the construction of its mega branch complex in Bangalore where most of the funds in disposal was invested for the construction. With almost no funds with them, Indian office pulled the plug on the special pioneer work and layed off many bethelites.

    The Indian branch office was about to plug off the construction work, however the GB asked them to go ahead with the work and complete the relocation. The branch was constructed and relocated and the branch office was left with practically zero funds. Local individuals chipped in whatever they could and the work continued. Since foreign contributions are still prohibited, indian citizens who moved and settled abroad send in their contributions through the website mentioned. Same applies to expats who convert to JW's and want to send in their money to India.

  • blankspace
    Seeing this post sorta makes me think - I heard from a friend in India that when this website was under construction, there was a meeting with all elders and ministerial servants about how it would be used. It was said that a sister was developing the site. Much later the husband and I got to know the sister through the bethel network. She was a sweetheart - she was caring for an aged parent and traveled to bethel each day to work. I was told she traveled over 50 miles each way by public transport for years. Each time we wrote or spoke to her, she was always positive about her work and the society. We lost contact after we left bethel, though. I later heard from a friend, that she was dismissed from bethel not very long after, because she was molested by another brother from bethel. He went and confessed and cried to the elders, while she was still in shock so that apparently went against her. They sent her out because she wasn't "repentant enough". I'll create a separate post about this and a few other stories on the same lines. But her story was one that made us shudder - how can they condemn the "world" for injustice when they themselves victimize a victim?

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