To Those With "Ears"... May You "Hear"....

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    To the Household of God, Israel, that is on, and all those who 'go with' them:

    May you have peace!

    Because Israel has, at this 'season' fallen asleep with regard to many 'things' that our Lord, the Son of God, JAH-ESHUA MISCHA-JAH ("JAH saves"; Messiah - "chosen of JAH"), 'commanded' us to teach others (Matthew 28:20), I am compelled by the spirit of my Father, the Holy One of Israel, JAH (Psalm 68:4) OF ARMIES, that is in me, by means of my Lord, to REMIND Israel of one of such commandments.

    On the night that he was put to death in the flesh, our Lord gave a commandment, to which he stated "Keep doing this in remembrance of me." That COMMANDMENT, was with regard to the eating of bread, in symbolization of his flesh as the Passover Lamb, and drink wine, in symbolization of his blood by which the NEW Covenant between God and Israel was 'sealed'... holy spirit, the BLOOD of that which is spiritual. For, indeed, "unless blood is poured out, there is NO salvation".

    "... and he has 'poured out' that which you now see and hear..."

    Acts 2:23 But we have been dissuaded and misled by 'certain men' who would say that such eating and drinking is not for ALL... but for some small group. However, did you not 'hear' and have you not read:

    1. "I am the bread that came down from heaven. He that eats my flesh and drinks my blood will live FOREVER... AND I will resurrect him on the last day..." and "Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood... YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOURSELVES..." and "For MY flesh is true food and MY blood true drink..."

    John 6:48-55

    2. "Remain IN UNION with me... for apart from me, you can nothing of yourself." and "He that eats my flesh and drinks my blood REMAINS IN UNION WITH ME..."

    John 15:4-7; John 6:56

    3. "And should the alien resident among you keep the passover to JAH, let all his males first be circumcised, and THEN let him come near and keep it; for he shall be as one born in the land..." for "ONE LAW there is to be... for Israel AND for the alien resident among him..." and " for ALL who went out from Egypt ate the SAME spiritual food and drank the SAME spiritual drink from the rock-mass that is the Christ."

    Exodus 12:48, 49
    1 Corinthians 10:1-5

    4. "He that hears my commandments and OBEYS them is he that loves me. And he that loves me will be loved by my Father. And I will love him and will show myself plainly TO him. If a man loves me, he will obey my commandments and my Father will love him, and WE WILL COME TO HIM... and make our abode WITH him. He that does NOT love me, does NOT obey my commandments..."

    John 14:21-24

    You have been MISLED, O Israel, you and the alien resident who has 'gone with' you. You have been misled by forming TWO flocks and thus overriding my Lord's words that "I have other sheep (the nations) which are not of THIS fold (the fleshly Jews)... and they will become ONE flock... with ONE shepherd."

    You have been misled by 'wicked men' who have arisen 'from among you', who have preached the Christ DIVIDED by overriding my Lord's words that to obey HIM is to love HIM... and his 'commandment' to 'keep doing this'... just as ALL who went out from Egypt... Israel and alient resident alike... did. ALL of those ate the manna, drank from the rock-mass, celebrated the Passover... and enter into the Covenant at Sinai. ALL of those were taken in as "Israel" and thus there became only ONE law among them... and ONE hope.

    Numbers 11:4-6 Ephesians 2:19-21 Ephesians 4:4

    Such men would have you believe that ALL that applies to Israel (i.e., water baptism, living according to the Law Covenant, etc.) applies to those who 'go with' them... EXCEPT that which ultimately grants Israel AND THE VAST MIXED COMPANY... the 'great crowd' ... life everlasting! HOLY SPIRIT! Indeed, although such men teach that the 'great crowd' also receive holy spirit... they actually 'shut the door' and close 'the way' for such ones to receive it! John 4:14

    Truly, there is only ONE 'way' by which Israel, and any who 'go with' Israel gain everlasting life: it is by means of holy spirit, the BLOOD of God and His Son, which His Son 'poured out'... both upon Israel AND upon the 'nations', those NOT Israel. There is only ONE 'way' to get such spirit, and such 'wicked men' have closed the 'door' to that 'road' and led Israel on the 'broad way to destruction'.

    How so? Because, as my Lord has said... to Israel... AND to ALL those that 'go with' Israel:

    "UNLESS you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have NO LIFE in yourselves." John 5:53

    Truly, such 'men' have 'shut up the kingdom of the heavens" before you! Why? Because THEY are not going in, and they do not allow those on their way in to go in.

    Matthew 23:13

    But it does not need to be so! Truly, who will YOU obey? Our Lord? Or 'earthling man'? Who will YOU 'make disciples' of? Our Lord? Or 'earthling man'? Whose commandments will YOU teach them to 'obey'? Those of our Lord? Or those of 'earthling man'?

    To be sure, Israel: all those that YOU have precluded from 'entering' into the kingdom of the heavens, will be accounted to YOU! All those for whom YOU have 'shut up the kingdom of the heavens', will serve as a means to 'shut up the kingdom' for YOU! But it does NOT have to be so!

    Therefore, turn around... and REPENT... that 'seasons of refreshment' might be upon you... IF you STOP 'preventing the little children' from coming to my Lord, but rather OPEN to the THE WAY! John 14:6 For that is the 'commission' of Israel... as "ambassadors SUBSTITUTING FOR CHRIST... to 'go RELEASING' and 'go FORGIVING' and go granting blessings to ALL those who 'wish' it! Matthew 11:28 John 20:22, 23 Revelation 22:17

    There is no 'authority' by which ANY man can 'shut up the kingdom', for there is only ONE 'door'... and ONE 'doorkeeper'. And only ONE that laid down his life so that ALL of his 'sheep'... and the WORLD... may have life... and have it in abundance. Whether such sheep are of the 'little flock' of fleshly Jews... or 'other sheep' that were called to be ONE FLOCK with them.

    John 10:1-18

    May the one that has ears HEAR what the Spirit says to the congregation... "unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOURSELVES". No matter WHAT 'earthling man' wishes to have you believe.

    Thus, the Spirit... and the bride... KEEP saying: "COME! Take life's water... free!"

    PRAISE JAH, you people! Let every living thing, let every living BREATHING thing, let it praise JAH! A slave of Christ, and servant to the Household of God, Israel, and all those who 'go with' them...

    SJ (Psalm 15:1)

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    Hey AWAKE! Shelby darlink!!

    that demon LORD Bar MESS'NYA's got ya by the braincells again!

    best wishes, big ears.

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