Whats going on with the 144000 thing? Spiritual people in the org...

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  • megaboy

    Kind of a two fold question, use to have discussions with witnesses about the 144000 and how I didnt agree with it being spiritual because tribes are defined, also mentioned that early on in revelations that a measurement was given for gentiles and I explained that I belived that that was basically foundating that the prophecies proceeding would have nothing to do with gentiles as in they are not measured in these concerns. Never did get any decent reasoning from them on that.

    But I haven't heard about that doctrine in a while or online. Granted there are a lot more messed up stuff they teach but these things gave me the impression that it would effect the org if anyone could claim to be of the 144000. Are these people suppose to be spiritual? How are things fairing with that doctrine?

    In this case I ask because I just recently saw a video of the organizations leaders dishing out their dogma and nothing about it implied that the men were spiritual. And I feel a highly spiritual person would pick up on it, even normal rational thinking people. But since being spiritual and rational dont always go hand and hand thats two opportunities to notice something is wrong. Rational people are probably long gone, but what about spiritual people? Are the videos ringing any alarm bells?

    The broadcasts are stale, not full of heart at all. EVERY word is obviously carefully thought out and calculated, performances being done the same way. Its clear that every message has a distinct goal in molding the mind and is not based on encouragement or reasoning through naturalness. I'm very surprised that its not setting off major alarms significantly. These guys are obviously not spiritual.

  • jonahstourguide

    It is setting off alarms in the rational rank and file. Why is the up coming regional conventions' theme............... "Don't give up"??

    And the definition of spirituality exists somewhere between butt kissing the elders and golden hand shakes to circuit overseers.


  • LevelThePlayingField

    No, I think it IS setting off alarms for people, they just aren't saying anything. Well, there have been a few posts on here that mention some people saying how they really feel about the broadcasts, and these are hard core JW's too, usually the old timers. But for the most part people just aren't saying anything, but they are aware of things.

    I think people are waking up more and more. We'll see.

  • smiddy

    The Governing Body has become more business oriented rather than spiritually oriented for a long time.

    Maybe the R&F are beginning to see through their sham at last .

    All the sales of KH`s and mergers taking place,,Branch Offices ,Brooklyn Bldgs, downsizing of mags,( poor quality ) cart witnessing is a joke ,layoffs at Bethel`s ,reduction in DO`s, CO`s ,special pioneers ,Missionaries , etc , surely this all has to have an effect especially on the older generation that something just does not add up.

    A couple of years ago they were saying they needed more KH`s now ? they are reducing them ? whats up ?

    And the continual appeal for the R&F to contribute more $$$ and do more in the ministry.


    The fear of death and missing out on Pandadise keeps the R&F from questioning, at least openly.

    The WTBTS makes dumb-ass songs about Pandadise being "just around the corner" to encourage the flock, but then they print articles that demand respect for the GB, demand "unity of doctrine", discourage personal bible study with non-WT materials, and tell the R&F that baptism can't be nullified.

    Then they have their massive, costly Pedo problems around the world. Perhaps even the dumbest JW is beginning to notice?

    As for the 144,000, the GB hate "professed anointed" and absolutely do not want any input from these "eleventh hour workers." They do all they can to malign all non-GB members.


  • Fernando

    "one hope"

    "one flock"

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