Reminder re: Spammers

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  • Simon

    Just a reminder about spammers.


    They are idiots, we have a real "gay-for-J" zealot right now who hasn't got the message that they are not wanted and no one is interested in their bible-fantasy gibberish. There's a certain irony that their own site is covered in "don't spam" rules but they think it's acceptable to do it to others. But no one could ever accuse religious spammers of not being complete hypocritical jerks - they are probably up to their 30th account now if not more.

    These are whack-a-doodle people, looking for an audience and an outlet for their insane ramblings. If you start replying to them, or even worse, taking the messages they have sent to you directly and posting them publicly then you are amplifying what they do and doing their work for them - you become part of the problem.

    So please ignore them - their content is easily and quickly removed.

  • Simon

    Also, FYI

    If I delete a spammer who has been sending DMs, it may show you have a waiting message even though that message has been deleted. I will run a script to update that at some point, just ignore it for now - you are not missing any message (apart from the spam that is!)

  • Biahi

    Simon, thanks. I think these spammers are now “disliking” everyone’s comments.

  • Simon

    It's OK, I'll reset them when I get chance - this is actually good as it's spurred me on to finish some long overdue updates to the software which I'll complete and deploy.

    But wow - just imagine having such a sad life that this is how you chose to spend your time? We really should feel some pity for people like this - how shitty and pointless must their life be for this to be the highlight of their existence, an "accomplishment" for them?

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I have two private messages I cannot see that must be what you are referring to. 🙄

  • Rocketman123
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I got a long message challenging me to a debate about some bible crap.

    I did post about getting a pm but its gone.

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for that info Simon it`s probably what i`ve got on my pm

  • Jeffro
    Those ‘phantom’ messages make sense now… thanks.
  • Phizzy

    Thanks Simon, such people are a right pain in the arse, but it is common on all sorts of Social Media places, it must be a new form Mental Deficiency, probably exacerbated by too much time to waste in Lock Down.

    On Facebook you get Trolling Spammers from the Left Wing on Right Wing places , and vice versa. Why ? what do they seek to achieve ??

    The disruption they cause often does distract from what should be the primary aim of certain sites and Pages, which I guess is their pathetic aim, but they achieve little in real terms, apart from maybe getting a World Record in being blocked and banned perhaps !

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