dinner out..

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  • zeb

    Took myself out for dinner.

    A family mum dad and two girls came in. Mum had the 50 yard stare dad had no convo at all and the two girls went at it like demented type writers. All about this one and that and who said this or that. Why is it that girls of an age seem to need to say every word they think. I would not have minded if they had been quieter about it.

    Then it hit me...the scenario could have been in a kh where the same inane level of conversation takes place..

  • Xanthippe

    We used to invite JW families round for dinner and they would often sit staring at us while we made conversation.

    No internet or smart phones back then but my husband and I would often say when they'd gone it was like they were watching TV.

    Not surprising is it Zeb with the level of reading matter available to them, or at least allowed.

  • Giordano

    My granddaughers 8 and 9 are alive, aware and interesting as hell. You can't get them to stop talking!

    When the oldest was 3 years old I had a sneezing fit....I must have crunched up my face before each sneeze. She walked up to me...... took a long look and said "Pappy Gio.......What are your issues!"

    When my grandson was 5 or 6 he uttered a saying that we use to this day.

    Really wanting to play with another child on a visit to our home I noticed him looking at a family passing by on the sidewalk that happened to have two kids tagging along.

    He called down to them giving his first name which is Demarco and offered a visit. He was totally ignored .......after the third request and still no response he changed the subject to "I don't have to put up with this crap!" Closed the window and huffing and puffing went to his room. Today he is a young man finishing up his education.

    No one in our immediate family is a JW...........however those JW children through other family members....... are tragic.

    On a more serious note the WTBTS have willfully squandered generations of young ones.... the JW religion has no programs or events for children. In all honesty there is a remarkably cold shoulder for JW children.

  • Biahi

    Gio, that’s why I hated it, I was robbed of a normal childhood.

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