$345 million - Kushner purchases 85 Jay St

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  • OrphanCrow

    Jared Kushner closes on another Dumbo Heights property

    Jared Kushner has another Jehovah’s Witnesses site in his company’s development pocket.
    On Tuesday, the former Kushner Companies (now called simply “Kushner”), along with Asher Abehsera’s LIVWRK and the CIM Group, closed on a $345 million purchase of 85 Jay St. in the same Dumbo neighborhood as the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watchtower Real Estate.
    Bob Knakal acted as a consultant to Watchtower’s in-house group.
    Now a parking lot, the full block can host an as-of-right 1.1-million- square-foot mixed-use development.
    “This site has tremendous upside, and we’re looking forward to developing a project that will further enhance the area and help strengthen connections between the Dumbo Heights campus and the waterfront,” said Laurent Morali, president of Kushner.
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  • Finkelstein

    So after this sale the total amount the WTS has made through the sales of its Brooklyn properties has climbed up to close to 2 billion US.

    Who says religion doesn't pay off.

    Just to show the instilled corruption by the leaders of this religoius publishing house, they recently made the announcement that its so financially strapped that they had to remove some special pioneers and send them packing.

    One thing thing you can expect the leaders of this organization to not do is openly disclose just how much the Org. has collected through the sale of many of its branches around the world, including the properties in Brooklyn New York.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Finkelstein!
    Yes, the society will STILL continually push for more donations from every cong and circuit around the world!

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    To really know what is in their bank ledger, that would really be awesome.

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