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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Let’s take a – deeper look – to some portions of

    the book “Isaiah’s Prophecy- Light for all mankind “

    (vol. II - published by the WTBS Inc. in the year 2001)

    ‘ Congregation’s book study’ for the week beginning the 3 rd March 2003

    *** ip-2 chap. 13 pp. 189-190 “Cry Out Joyfully in Unison”! ***

    17 In the modern-day fulfillment, the watchman class, “the faithful and discreet slave,” raises its voice not just to the ones who are already in God’s visible organization but also to outsiders. (Matthew 24:45-47) A call went out to gather in the remaining ones of the anointed in 1919, and in 1922 the call was intensified at the Cedar Point, Ohio, convention with the appeal to “advertise, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom.”

    *1 st big lie

    According to the book “ Jehovah’s witnesses in the divine purpose”,

    published in 1959, by the WTBS Inc., page 95 , the last paragraph reads:

    “ Some insisted on living in the past, in the time of Pastor Russell, when the brothers

    in general had viewed his as the sole channel of Scriptural enlightenment.

    It was the published and accepted thought down till 1927 that he was “that servant”

    of Matthew 24:45 (°) w. 1927, pp.55,56

    So the’ watchman class’ , “the faithful and discreet slave,” DID NOT exist until the printing

    the article in “The Watchtower “ 1927 pp.55,56 .-

    *2 nd big lie

    According to the book “ Jehovah’s witnesses in the divine purpose”,

    published in 1959, the WTBS Inc., page101 –103 , on “ The Day”

    Friday, September 8 th , 1922, at Cedar Point ,Ohio (USA)

    (from page 101)

    “Brother Rutherford delivered a historic lecture on the subject :

    “The Kingdom” . He said: Why has the King come?…

    The physical facts, then clearly show that the day of preparation was

    from 1874 forward…that the day of preparation ended in 1914; and

    that in 1918 , or thereabouts, the Lord came to his temple.

    In 1878 God’s favor was withdrawn from the nominal systems.”

    (from page 102 of the same book)

    Thus we see that those of the temple class are clearly designated

    as the Lord’s witnesses at this time, to bring a message of consolatioon

    to the people, that the Kingdom of the heaven is here, and that millions

    now living will never die.

    (from page 102 of the same book)

    …Do you believe it? Do you believe that the King of glory is present, and has been

    since 1874 ? Do you believe that during that time he has conducted his harvest work?

    Do you believe that he has had during that time a faithful and wise servant through whom

    he directed his work and the feeding of the household of faith? …

    Then back to the field, O ye sons of the most high God! Gird on your armo! Be sober,

    be vigilant, be active, be brave. Be faithful and true witness for the Lord. …

    Herald the message far and wide. The world must know that Jehovah is God and

    that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the day of all days. Behold

    the King reigns! You are his publicity agents. Therefore advertise, advertise, advertise

    the King and his kingdom. (°) w. 1922, pp. 335-337)

    How could the’ watchman class’ , “the faithful and discreet slave,” be chosen in 1914,revived in 1919, when J.Rutherford publicly stated, in the year 1922, that :

    *** The King of glory is present, and has been since 1874 and… he has had during that time a faithful and wise servant through whom he directed his work and the feeding of the household of faith? …

    ***The false taching about Jesus’s presence since 1874, lasted almost .. 66 years!!!

    From the “Proclaimers ..” book (1993):

    *** jv chap. 10 pp. 133-134 Growing in Accurate Knowledge of the Truth ***

    In 1876, when Russell had first read a copy of Herald of the Morning, he had learned that there was another group who then believed that Christ’s return would be invisible and who associated that return with blessings for all families of the earth. From Mr. Barbour, editor of that publication, Russell also came to be persuaded that Christ’s invisible presence had begun in 1874. (°)Attention was later drawn to this by the subtitle “Herald of Christ’s Presence,” which appeared on the cover of Zion’s Watch Tower.

    (°) footnote

    This was influenced by the belief that the seventh millennium of human history had begun in 1873 and that a period of divine disfavor (of equal length to a former period considered to be one of favor) upon natural Israel would end in 1878. The chronology was flawed because of relying on an inaccurate rendering of Acts 13:20 in the King James Version, belief that there was a transcription error at 1 Kings 6:1, and failure to take into account Biblical synchronisms in the dating of reigns of the kings of Judah and of Israel. A clearer understanding of Biblical chronology was published in 1943, in the book “The Truth Shall Make You Free,” and it was then refined the following year in the book “The Kingdom Is at Hand,” as well as in later publications.

    *3 rd big lie

    *** ip-2 chap. 13 p. 191 “Cry Out Joyfully in Unison”! ***

    20 In these “last days,” Jehovah has bared his holy arm in order to revive the anointed remnant, the “two witnesses” of the book of Revelation. (2 Timothy 3:1; Revelation 11:3, 7-13) Since 1919, these have been brought into a spiritual paradise, the spiritual estate that they now share with millions of their associates, the other sheep.”

    *** ip-2 chap. 13 p. 193 “Cry Out Joyfully in Unison”! ***

    23 This was particularly true of those anointed followers of Jesus Christ who fled Babylon the Great in 1919. They progressively cleansed themselves of all traces of false worship. (Isaiah 8:19, 20; Romans 15:4)

    The book states very clearly : “They progressively cleansed themselves of all traces of false worship”

    Let’s see how true was this progressive cleansing , from 1919 and many, many years after and please, bear in mind that this material has been published in the year 2001, which means more that 82 years after the events of 1919 "!

    A good source is the same old (1959) book:

    "Jehovah's Witnesss in the Divine purpose "

    published by the WTBS Inc.

    There on page 91 it is written the situation and even

    the "uncleanliness " of " the early Bible students"

    ***Believed that there were certain saving qualities in their self-merit;

    **Were guilty of creature worship;

    **They had a democratic form of 'election 'for

    congregational oversight (elders and deacons);

    **Had an incorrect view of the " higher powers "

    mentioned in Romans 13:1;

    Furthermore the " early Bible Students "

    ***Celebrated " pagan " holydays such as Christmas , for decades:

    " Proclaimers' book, published in 1993:

    *** jv 198-9 14 "They Are No Part of the World" ***WhentheWorldHadItsHolidays

    When Jehovahs Witnesses cast aside religious teachings that had pagan roots, they also quit sharing in many customs that were similarly tainted. But for a time, certain holidays were not given the careful scrutiny that they needed. One of these was Christmas.

    This holiday was celebrated yearly even by members of the Watch Tower Societys headquarters staff at the Bethel Home in Brooklyn, New York. For many years they had been aware that December 25 was not the correct date, but they reasoned that the date had long been popularly associated with the birth of the Savior and that doing good for others was proper on any day. However, after further investigation of the subject, the members of the Societys headquarters staff, as well as the staffs at the Societys branch offices in England and in Switzerland, decided to stop sharing in Christmas festivities, so no Christmas celebration was held there after 1926.

    ***Celebrated birthdays , for decades:

    *** jv 200 14 "They Are No Part of the World" ***

    In their Daily Manna book, Bible Students kept a list of birthdays. But after they quit celebrating Christmas and when they realized that birthday celebrations were giving undue honor to creatures (one reason that early Christians never celebrated birthdays), the Bible Students quit this practice too."

    ***Taught , for decades that the Great Pyramid

    was a strong and corroborative witness to Gods plan ;

    From the "Proclaimers" A book, published by the WTBS Inc., in 1993 -

    *** jv 200 14 "They Are No Part of the World" *** (publ. 1993)

    For some 35 years, Pastor Russell thought that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was Gods stone witness, corroborating Biblical time periods. (Isa. 19:19)

    But Jehovahs Witnesses have abandoned the idea that an Egyptian pyramid has

    anything to do with true worship.

    (See Watchtower issues of November 15 and December 1, 1928)

    But of course, another 7 years passed and the WTBS Inc. gave an entirely

    different picture , about the matter , in the pages of The Watchtower , 1st January 2000, pages 9-10 16-17 :

    Some Bible Students became engrossed with measuring different

    features of the pyramid to determine such matters as the day they would be going to heaven ! This so-called Bible in Stone was held in esteem for some decades , until the Watchtower issues of November 15th and December 1st, 1928, made clear that Jehovah needed no stone monument built by pagan pharaohs and containing demonic signs of astrology to confirm the witness given in the Bible.

    Many things were written, and publicly taught , for many years

    after 1919, in the 128- pages book :

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Die "

    like the expectations abouth the year 1925 :

    From the Yearbook 1980 , page 62 :

    The book Millionshad been widely used in the French field since 1921 and on the basis of its contents, much was expectedof 1925. But when 1925 came and went without the anticipated happening coming to pass, those on the outside who had read the book made fun of the brothers. Worse still, the faith of some of the brothers themselves was shaken.

    Some expected to go to heaven that year."

    Concerning the publicity given , the book :

    "Jehovah's Witnesss in the Divine purpose "

    published by the WTBS Inc. , in 1959 , page 140

    stated :

    ..the campaign Millions Now Living Will Never Die

    from 1918 to 1921 was a step in the direction of reaching this

    class destined one day to populate the earth.

    As a further proof, read what was written , even in the year 1919,

    there is a good one in:

    " The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence "

    December 15 th , 1919 n 24 Vol. XL, page 373:

    "The public seems eager to know something about the times in which we are living and the meaning of all these wonderful phenomena. It a great comfort to the hearts of many people to hear the message ,

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Die," which the Lord's people can confidently " announce, knowing that many of the generation now upon the earth shall not pass away bu live on until the Lord's Kingdom is fully established . They have in mind the words of the Master that ' were not the days of tribulation shortened there would be no flesh saved , but that for the elect's sake much flesh will be saved'; and that thus these millions will be brought through the time of trouble and have the opportunity of accepting the blessing of life under the terms of the New Covenant."

    In conclusion, it looks like this progressive cleansing, since 1919, lasted many years, even decades and yet, just to quote one ex. in the early seventies…the gb decided to give to smokers “6 months” to get rid of the bad habit or else been disfellowhipped and be considered worthy of “everlasting destruction”!!

    As for the R&F for this week “congregation book study’ how could someone memorize or have ready for research texts published in the year 1993 , referring to changes made in the year 1943 , and relating to event dating 1914-1919 ???

    Yet the WTBS Inc. still claims to speak “ words of truth”!

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • DanTheMan


    Thanks for your research.

    It would be easier to read your posts if they were more condensed & the type was smaller.

  • artful

    Good points Mac! Thanks for the great research. I will add this to my files!
    As I mentioned earlier, I also have a WTS lie that can be found in a current Isaiah book study. It will be slightly different to what you just posted though. I will be posting something tomorrow in the Study Articles section.
    Just a thought, but you may want to repost this great info in the Study Articles section as well since it will tend to get lost in the Friends area due to the large number of threads here.
    Cheers Artful

  • Farkel


    Of course, the "Divine Purpose" book is one of the biggest collection of lies and white-washed history the WTS has ever published, and that's quite an achievement! It was so embarrasing that the society had to come up with the "Proclaimers" book to counter-act the criticism of the jv book. The Proclaimers book is pretty honest with regards to WTS history (but not totally honest), comparatively speaking, but very dishonest in the way it lays out the facts. Embarrassing parts of the WTS's past are there, but are buried in the middle of paragraphs that are talking about entirely different subjects. Dumb and lazy dubs would never notice them. Researchers notice them, and the society has covered it's butt. They technically can say "but we admitted this," even though it takes a lot of reading and work to find that admission or admissions. Such embarrassments are certainly NOT in their index in the Proclaimers book. Then must be "gleaned" (Gawd I hate that expression. I HATE that expression!) by researchers.

    The use one book of lies like that to contradict other lies published in other WT publications is what makes bashing the Watchtower LYING(tm) Society so easy and so fun!

    Keep it up!


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Mister Hislopp. Heres one.

    QUOTE: .... “THEN IS FINISHED THE MYSTERY OF GOD” (1969) Page 230.

    ….”The remnant was thus reminded that three more trumpets were yet to be blown, preceding the bold disclosure of further woeful things. Accordingly, further international assemblies were planned and announced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society”……

    Now of course if the 4th trumpet blew in 1925 as taught, then this occurence discussed here must have happened between 1925 and 1926. So in 1925 / 26 the Witlesses were aware that they had to blow three more "trumpets" and planned assemblies accordingly so the Judge could issue his proclamations fullfilling Revelation.

    I think not.

    Its called "infallibilty maintenance" isnt it? The implicatioin that current understandings were the understandings always held. The "Pastor", in his day, condemned Papacy most vehemently for this very practise

  • greven

    Thanx for sharing your research, MacHislopp!

    Farkel, I noticed how sly the proclaimers book is too. The admissions are there but buried. The first thing I noticed about this history book is that it is topical rather then chronological. This alone helps them to scatter the compromising information, prevent seeing things in historical context. The admissions are watered down, sugarcoated tidbits that without the historical context can be easily used by JW's to dismiss atacks by householders. This book is one of the best pieces of propaganda I have seen published by the WTBTS. However, it can also be used very effectively against them. Simply make a claim to the witness and when they deny show it to them from their own book. I must add, very few witnesses have read it really through, which makes it even more easy.


  • Maverick

    Has this "Fanciful and Discredited Slave ever got any prophecy right? Do these guys really believe this stuff? The longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes that they don't have any better a handle on figuring out Gods timeline and methods than my cat does. The only difference is my cat does not control the lives of millions of, (basically good hearted) needy people. When I think of the Governing Body I picture Mel Brooks as the GOV in Blazing Saddles, (without his secretary of course)! Maverick

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    In their contributions to this thread, Farkelt and others have referred to the presence of grudging admissions of embarassing aspects of their past history in the 1993 Proclaimers book. This apparent ``frankness' and ``com,ing clean," of course is a cynical tactic used by the writers to ``inoculate' the rank and file with small doses of the real facts, in view of the rampant disclosures of such historic facts available to anyone who cared to type ``Watchtower" and ``Jehovah's Witnesses" into an internet search engine.

    Consider, for example, what Ray Franz had to say in the third paragraph and footnote to page 66 of the fourth edition of ``Crisis of Conscience" about the effect of the disclosures made prior to 1993 by his books anbd those of Carlo Olof Jonsson: ``As but one illustration of presenting information already made available by another source, this book on page 200, presents a picture of the Brooklyn headquarters staff celebrating Christmas in 1926. That photo was publiched in 1991 in the book In Search of Christian Freedom, page 149. Two years later, the new history book presented it it for the first time in a Watchtower publication. Yet that photo had been in their possession for 67 years" (!)

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the comments and the appreciative remarks. The WTBS Inc. is really

    a fountain of bubbling… lies!

    Room 215 : “ This apparent ``frankness' and ``com,ing clean," of course is a cynical tactic used by the writers to ``inoculate' the rank and file with small doses of the real facts, in view of the rampant disclosures of such historic facts available to anyone who cared to type ``Watchtower" and ``Jehovah's Witnesses" into an internet search engine.”

    I do agree with you. The Internet is spreading rapidily and to millions world wide

    many true facts and uncovering masses of lies …published by WTBS Inc. over a

    period of more than 100 years.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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