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  • sandy
    One chapter details how the Governing Body decided that certain conduct between husband and wife in bed would be grounds for divorce and disfellowshipping (formal excommunication and shunning). After the edict was issued (The Watchtower December 1, 1972, pages 734-736) numerous marriages broke up as a result. Then, seven years later, the Governing Body changed its mind and reversed the policy

    I found this quote off of someone's website, I forgot where now. But, I was wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what type of conduct was wrong and then made okay.

    I need explicit details here..... LOL

    Just Curious

  • jgnat

    This link should give you plenty of food for thought.


    Let me know what you think.

  • Gamaliel

    Oral sex. (Oh yeah and that other kind, even more despicable....)


  • archangel01

    That can be found in Raymond Franz book CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE. As far as web sites go there was one,I can't of it off hand but if you use your search and type in Jehovah on oral sex or something like that you will find all the web sites.Anyway I believe oral sex/Using your mouth/ tongue and using the hands is ok in loveplay between Husband and Wife. Anal sex is sick because that orifice is not sterile why do you think God made Pu**y.To do ALL the things you can't do with the back hole.Don't get me wrong I'll grab and squeeze the butt etc and kiss the cheek part only but that's as far as that goes.What pisses me off is that the WTS puts oral sex and anal sex in the same class together and I think that is wrong and The WTS Thinks were sick. Your mouth was made not just for food & drink but also to give pleasure and your hands as well. Also the Police make laws not for Husband & Wife but to arrested Prostitutes and Pimps because you can't charge someone or take them to jail if there is no law...... get it! Just do the search and you will find everything. I think in the later 70's the WTS changed its views(NewLight) said it was a no no Only OUTSIDE of marriage but OK IN MARRIAGE.

    The WTS messed up ALOT of marriages and They have to answer for that BIG TIME and other things as well.Hey thats what you get for listening to False P's. and not following God/Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandy

    I'm a bad girl

    I guess I am more immoral than I thought. I thought I was only guilty of immorality because I am unmarried. LOL

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I was just curious. I read some of the quotes from the WT off the link one of you posted. I thought Oral Sex was always forbidden. I didn't know they decided to leave it to one's own conscience.

  • archangel01

    Also Oral sex is OK an Normal between husband & wife etc I don't know what the watchtower is talking about linking it to Homo.. I think that is offensive to us str8 people BIG TIME. Gay people KISS, HOLDHANDS, RAISE KIDS,BUY FOOD,SHOP,ETC.If we use the WTS logic then we can do neither of those things to your mate like kissing etc., I say " GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teenyuck

    My father told me that was one reason he and my mother broke up....he wanted it, was used to getting it and then the WTBTS came (no pun) out with that garbage.

    I still have not had the nerve to ask my mother face to face. It must be done face to face...Now that my dad is dead, I want to know!

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