What is this "light getting brighter" crap??!!

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  • crinklestein

    What is it with the term "The light is getting bright and brighter" being to used to explain "New Understandings"? What is with these New Understandings to begin with??!! If this was truley God's true organization there would not BE any New understandings. There would only be understandings and they would never change!

    I don't see it written that Moses ever changed his viewpoints on what the scriptures said.

    I don't see it written that King David ever got New Understandings on what the theocratic law was. The laws were written down and they never changed!

    I don't see anything in the Mosaic Law that ever changed over time. Certainly no backpeddling occured when God's ACTUAL earthly kingdom was set up and ruled as a TRUE theocracy. He set the laws down and they were to be adheared to and they never changed.

    So what's the explaination of the WT getting new light when this is supposedly Bible Based and these scriptures have been around for thousands of years? I'll tell you what it's about! It's a backdoor they use so, in case they make a mistake, they can correct it under the guise of "NEW UNDERSTANDINGS HAVE BEEN REVEALED BY GOD!!!" If God ran this organization then GOD WOULD'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU THESE THINGS!!"

  • Gopher

    Hey didn't you know Jehovah changes his mind about important subjects every 10 or 20 years? You have to keep pace with the theocratic "chariot"!!! Listen carefully to the Watchtower Society, or else you'll get left behind, and won't know what Jehovah is CURRENTLY thinking about matters.

    They're NOT making things up as they go over at the Brooklyn headquarters. No, they would never do that!

  • ARoarer

    crink, good questions. The light getting brighter is a good way to fool all rank and file members into thinking that when Jehovah changes his mind on things he used to channel down to the mouth piece of the governing potty, as the "Truth", it's ok because if the brighter light is getting brighter then it must be true. Why? because they have a direct channel to Jehovah. Why? because they said so. Now if this doesn't answer your question there is always Moel-nigg. He knows everything there is go know about the Truf.


    Re: light getting brighter....

    Brighter than what....?


  • KGB

    yeah my light is getting brighter too after I cahnged my light bulb from a 60 watt to a 100 watt. Thats how they cover up they're lies.......as if God changes his mind all the time.....

  • KGB


    Governing potty oh that was good had me rollin on the floor laughing my ass off.

    LOL A

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