I just shared with my mum the scandals of the WTS

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  • m0nk3y

    It was really hard for me to do. I have been out of the BORG for a few years now and have pulled my life together and I'm really happy. But my mum and her husband are disfellowshiped and the JW's have caused mum great pain .. she has tried the best she can to follow the WTS direction .. but as we all know its impossible. So I felt really angry as I was telling her the stuff that I have found out here, it was really difficult for me I guess because I know that she beleives it is the truth although she has doubts about the people in general (gossipy bunch of nutters) its still believable to her .. I didnt want to look as if I'm trying to take her faith from her .. but I want her to know the real truth. Can you guys help me to gather some of the strongest evidence about the WTS being wrong? m0nk3y

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    If I only had one book for your Mum to read it would be Ray Franz' Crisis of Conscience. He has a better insight than anyone else, so far.

    If your Mum just wants the highlights then I'd say start at freeminds.org

    Is there anything in particular she is stuck on?

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