Could u be a criminal lawyer and be straight as JW

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  • spectromize

    I'm just curious to see what everyone thinks about this because I do know a brother in Toronto who is a practising lawyer and knowing him somewhat I would have to say that he must battle his consience every night.

    My answer to my own question would be NO!

  • waiting

    Well, hey, Spectrum,

    In my opinion, a lawyer could act just like any of us can do - if we can convince ourselves that it is Theocratic Warfare, no matter how slight or convoluted, then the gloves come off.

    In the Insight book, the definition of a lie says withhold the truth, or not telling the truth to those who deserve the truth. That can be construed to mean we can lie to whomever we want.

    Not to say that lawyers lie.........

  • Seven

    Spectromize!! It's so good to see you! In answer to your question I would have to say no also, but then there is Acts 25:11 which to me says that the courts are a proper place to appeal.

  • Zep

    You can be a criminal lawyer and be honest...As long as you provide a fair rendering of he evidence as it relates to your client,there should be no problem...and so long as the other side does its job and provides a reasonable counter argument.
    People dont understand the legal system very well, thats my opinion, Lawyers get a bad rap through the Media and TV...and bad jokes!
    If your human, you wrestle with your conscience every day...and nothing, when it comes down to it is black and white whether in the court room or outside in the real world.Theres always that morally ambiguous line of which has to be left up to the individuals conscience as to whether he crosses it or not....approach that line with Honesty and you shouldn't go too wrong! I suppose???????

  • SolidSender

    Spectromize - with all due respect, if the JW faith was based upon christianity & truth the question you pose may be an issue, however, the the JW faith is based upon devotion to fictions composed by a rather small group of 12 men otherwise known as THE GOVERNING BODY. The reason the GB compose these fictions is to ensure the continuity of their power base which includes a vast Publishing and Property owning empire. These fictions are indoctrinated into the rank & file JW via endless repitition in a mentally sterile, isolated environment. The control of a JW's mind and life by the GB is mandatory under threat of expulsion. Your lawyer friend would be better off battling FOR his conscience, once he has it back off the GB then he may be able to begin battling WITH it. I would suggest that you give issues such as this far more serious concern than your question posted. happy to hear what you have to say in response-SolidSender

  • spectromize

    Thank you for all your replies, it was interesting to hear the diffrent view points.

    SS , I would just like to note that criminal lawyers are a necessary evil so to speak due to the fact on how our legal system is designed. One of the most fascinating thing about law is the pioneering of law in small and large issues to define as much as possible black and white to arrive at the proper conclusion on things. The GB should take an example from this when they make their own law as opposed to what the Bible says on certain matters.

  • waiting

    Hey, Spec,

    After reading the responses so far, I would gather that there are two questions involved.

    1. Can a practicing lawyer be completely honest?

    2. Can the arguing of the black and white of law be a honest profession?

    IMHO, A "good" lawyer's job is to get what his client needs, any legal means available. Legal means can, and does, include belittling, not telling the whole truth, digging up the opponent's past, hiding your client's past, etc. etc. And by the way, the Insight book's definition does fit with the legal perspective of a lie.

    As for arguing the justness of a legal stand point? A noble profession - but that doesn't make lawyers noble. Ask anyone who has gone through a divorce - almost, if not all, will want a "good" lawyer who will protect your interests. Someone else can pay the noble lawyer.

    Can they not lie? Of course. There is a spectrum of shades of truth. (No pun intended.)

  • SolidSender
    The GB should take an example from this when they make their own law as opposed to what the Bible says on certain matters.

    Spec - hate to be the one to have to break the news to you pal but the GB are just a bunch of nobodies who think they are somebodies because people like you continue to subscribe to their program of mindcontrol. In case you hadn't heard subordination to a man made intermediary organisation is not prerequisite to a relationship with God & Christ.

    Romans 3:20
    Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin. 21 But now a righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. 22 This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.

    Spec, I get worked up about this I know but the way I see it the issue at stake here is not really religion, the religion is in a way just a diabolically brilliant instrument these guys ( THE GB ) use, use to control the minds and lives of millions of people ensuring support of their power structure. In the hands of these sinister, deceitful, fascists (the GB) the bible becomes the ultimate Authoritarian weapon.Spec why do you want to give these men control of your mind?-SolidSender

  • spectromize


    For the longest time I had given over my mind to the GB, but no more. However I still believe some of the teachings that were taught to me, and proven to be from the Bible. I still do believe in the Bible.

  • SolidSender
    However I still believe some of the teachings that were taught to me, and proven to be from the Bible.

    Any so called christian denomination will have teachings that can be proved as true by the Bible - it goes without saying.-SolidSender

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