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  • Azalo

    does anyone have any recent statistics for how many JW's there are today and their rate of growth? I thought I heard recnetly that they actually lost people on year recently? can anyone verify?

    ok a little background, this is my 1st post. I was raised JW until I just stopped going altogether when I was 18, (I had informed my parents I wanted to leave when I was 17 but they made me keep going until I turned 18) anyways I am 25 now and I feel completely out of the JW loop even though my parents and my 3 sisters are still in. I dont hate JW's but I do hate the religion and religion in general. I think it is amazing how intelligent people can fail to see all the problems with the organization. I hope that there is a scandal that rocks the religion to its core, ie "the governing body embezzles millions" or "JW President has 8 concubines". By the way does anyone with inside knowledge or otherwise know of any conspiracy theories concerning governing body or WTS?

    ok well i hope people post.

  • Gopher

    Welcome to the board, Azalo! I hope you enjoy it here.

    A good stats site I've heard of is . Check it out and see if it has what you want.

    When people hear of problems with the organization, they always tend to rationalize "well the good in it still outweighs the bad", and "where else would we go to". Those conditioned responses help keep the followers tightly bound to the corrupt organization.

    -- JEFF

  • lulu


    You will thoroughly enjoy this excellent site. Go to on the home page click on the main subjects, you will be astonished, plus you will be able to obtain your own copies from people such as the United Nations. on the same home page will give you as much information as you want regarding the victimization of the victims of peadophias which is rife in the Organization. These two sites will enable you to do your own research and investigation like the 'bereons' All the very best.

  • qwerty

    This interesting comment from the site Gopher linked us to............


    What is common among those countries with zero growth or negative growth (most European, North American countries and Japan) compared to those countries with steady and rapid growth (former Soviet Union, most African and South and Central American countries)? This has been my question for the past several years since I started this statistics site. Economical, political and social instability of the countries seems to be related to the growth of the Watchtower religion. It prospers where the society is poor and unstable. It also prospers where public information sources are limited or restricted. In this regard, "epidemiology" of the Watchtower religion is very similar to that of contagious infectious diseases. Where the public awareness of disease propagation is limited, the disease spread rapidly. Is it totally a coincidence that the countries of rapid growth of JW population are also the countries of rapid growth in AIDS population?

    The confounding factor in 2002 is, I think, the world-wide fear of war and terrorism since September 11th, 2001. As long as the crisis mentality prevails, the Watchtower religion will continue to prosper.

    Sounds logical to me.............


  • rebel

    Hi Azalo and welcome.

    I think it is obvious to many JWs in the west that all is not well with the organisation. In my congregation, as fast as they come in, they go out. For every convert, there seems to be 2 or 3 that are either DF'd, DA'd or they just stop coming. The growth only seems to be in poor countries with limited access to information - as in the quote posted by Qwerty.

    Well done for having the intelligence to leave despite the fact that all your family are in. That must have taken a lot of guts, especially at such a young age. Some of my family are still JWs and I hope and pray that I can make them see sense one day. I had doubts for years and years but didn't have the bottle to leave until now

    Stick around - I have gained so much from this board and you can too.


  • mouthy

    Welcome Azalo!!! I am happy "you saw the light" before you got too entrenched. I was one of the dummys with my eyes closed. Glad you have joined us. So your family still mingle with you? I was ousted because I couldnt believe Jesus came in 1914 ( invisibly of course) So I still have loved ones there that dont speak to me..... Keep visisting- I have learned alot for the site- they have become my family- I am 75 - so I was dimmer or dumber than most getting the left foot of fellowship in 1987..((hug)

  • rebel


    Bet you were not as dim or dumb as I was. I was as gullible as they come!

    That's why I think it's great that Azalo had the strength to leave at such a young age.


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