Lost my virginity a week before first public talk

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  • ElderEtta

    I had just turned 18 and was a young mover in our congregation, vac pioneering on summer vacation, instruction talks in the KM school and at local circuit assembly, plans to serve where the need was greater in a different state. I was also engaged to be married in the following spring to a girl in that distant state.

    This was November and I had just registered for the draft having turned 18. My parents said I could make my move after registering.

    I saw the stack of handbill invitations to my very first public talk although I can't remember its title. I remember that my head was about to explode I was so full of myself. Then, that fateful Saturday evening, 8 days before delivering that hour long lecture. My reconditioned Chevy was finally ready to make that 2,000 mile trip to my pioneering destination and I had finished most of my packing for the move and my only obligation was the lecture. I needed to unwind so I headed for the local drive-in fast food place where I knew a few worldlies from high school.

    We'd talk cars, check under the hoods to asmire the latest souping-up techniques on tight budgets, and talk girls. Here, I was mainly a spectator and always felt a tinge of guilt at topics of sex. Yes, it was titillating I concede.
    Then, one of our buddies showed up and he had a strange girl in the front seat. He hopped out and bragged how this girl was ready for some action if we knew what he meant. We all knew and I started to back away. But two of the guys tugged at my coat and told me to come along. I didn't want to appear like a prude so I told myself I'd just go along for the ride, just be an innocent spectator.
    Long story short, I ended up in the back seat with Elizabeth.
    I now was no longer a virgin thanks to Elizabeth.
    When we returned to the drive-in, they told me that Elizabeth wanted to go home with me. I was scared, felt dirty, suspected that I had some type of STD, and wanted to crawl into a hole someplace.
    Somehow I escaped, free from Elizabeth and the guys, never to see any of them again.
    But what could I do about that talk that was only days away? Could I fess up to the Congregation Servant and renege on my obligation? What would everyone think? What would my parents think? What would my fiancee think as word would certainly and somehow make it to her?
    It was all too much for this 18 year old to bear. I chickened out about confessing. I figured if Jehovah's holy spirit would allow me to go through with this discourse then that would be my answer. His forgiveness and approval.
    The talk went fine, with all types of accolades that such a young man displayed such talent from the platform. My trip to the midwest went fine, my fiancee and I got married the following spring, we had children, I got appointments as MS and elder ensued and 20 years later I became POMO.
    That loss of virginity episode was one of the things that convinced me that Holy Spirit has nothing to do with anything, that God doesn't even exist. Thank you, Elizabeth.
  • DesirousOfChange

    If you're like me, I'd now be wondering why it took me another 20 years to figure that out!

    (Did you ever confess to your fiance/wife?) Let sleeping dogs lie [sic].

  • snugglebunny

    LOL..I had to take the Watchtower study 2 hours after losing mine!

  • pontoon

    After my first time I thought Armeggdon was going to start because of me.

  • ElderEtta
    Snuggle: LOL..I had to take the Watchtower study 2 hours after losing mine

    You win and we are listening

  • helpmeout

    I would try not to masterbate the week before giving a public talk. Lol.

  • ttdtt

    Helpmeout - funny - same type of things I did. Before conventions, or before and after MS or Elder school.

    Religion is a disease.

  • Giordano

    Ditto brothers and sisters.

    My constant companion was my ego.

    I was still technically a virgin when I gave my first hour talk at age 17 in 1960 or so. Hands above the waist was the rule in those days. A lttle petting then home to salute my little general was the twofer.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Have a thought for all those schmucks who are still working away, boxing gloves on at night, in WT facilities all around the world. All those people, fighting their natural desires and hormones, all in a state of perma-guilt. Horrible, horrible horrible.

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