Every appearance of “This Generation” in Matthew, Mark and Luke.

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    1. Did Jesus use the term “this generation” as a compliment?
    2. Was Jesus speaking to people living at that time?
    3. Was Jesus speaking about people living at that time?
    4. Was Jesus making a promise, a judgment or a warning to “this generation”?



  • sparrowdown

    Interesting, I partcularly like the idea of "is it used as a compliment" that is a great question.

    Well JWs have clocked up a few "this" generations by now, that the WT call "this overlapping generation" (of assholes) who look for a sign etc blah, blah.

    The biggest problem the WT has at the moment is something I like to call generation creep, which is a bit like what the military call mission creep.

    The next biggest problem for the WT is apostates and others pointing it out to them.

  • Petraglyph

    Reading that I can see now how it's obvious that Jesus was referring to a generation that was going to be alive over 2,000 years after his birth that overlapped with a preceding generation that saw events that were going to take place 1,914 years after his birth.

    Makes complete sense! :D

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    Hey Doug, it would be cool if we could sneak this information into the next printing issue of the Watchtower Mag. Can you imagine all the eyeballs falling out!!
  • sparrowdown

    It's not like the WT is dogmatic about it......is it.....anyone. I mean they have added the tethering word "overlapping"

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