700 million so far raised to rebuild Notre Dame. The governing body must be seething!

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  • nowwhat?

    "What happened to her waters drying up while our organization is scrounging pennies?!"

  • alanv

    Haha very good point. Its an amazing outpouring of love and support for the building and the religion.

  • fastJehu

    The church buildings of "Babylon the Great" are of God's value - in contrast to the cardboard boxes called "kingdom halls".

  • smiddy3

    The difference of walking into a Cathedral contrasted with a walking into a Kingdom hall their is no competition.

    The Cathedral wins hands down .

    Their is no real comparison ,Kingdom Halls are more like and feel like community centres ,

    Whereas the traditional Churches / Cathedrals give out that spiritual divine feeling of reverence that you certainly don`t experience in a KH.

    Churches / Cathedrals give off this reverance , of spirituality ,holiness ,something sacred about the place a place to worship God .

    On the other hand Kingdom halls are just like market places ,community centres ,nothing sacred or spiritual about them at all .

    I would go as far to say I believe Muslim / Islam places of worship are far more Spiritual than kingdom halls are.

  • snugglebunny

    700 million? That's about 2 weeks payments made to the EU by the UK.

  • blondie

    Well, if the WTS had an 850 year old building steeped in more than religious history that had mega millions visit it every year bringing revenue for the WTS, maybe jws would be more giving. I do wonder if the Catholic Church in Rome will be giving more than historical and architectural help.

  • LV101

    They can raise gazillions in nothing flat for a new church/whatever. There's a Catholic cathedral/church on the strip (few steps behind it and it's magnificent -- non Catholic brides want to be married there for their wedding pictures alone, etc.) that has to have extra help on hand just to count all the monies and make deposits from followers/visitors who stroll by/stop in (high rollers, prominent tourists, normal people, etc.) and drop their chunk change in. So much money they've written articles about the place. Amazing -- I love attending weddings there - always beautiful.

    They might be one corrupt organization and full of pedophilia but their good (great charities, hospitals, schools, colleges, feeding the poor w/no questions asked) must offset their evil -- which I find hard to believe, personally, but they are cherished. Can't say I don't love visiting the Vatican for the art alone. Unlike the cult, WT, they're more than a building collecting handouts so a few losers at the top live cushy lifestyles and beat down the followers. Guess they have to beat 'em or they couldn't own rolexes, nice ties and drive ugly Cadillacs.

  • jhine

    i did wonder if JWs would be quick to say that this was Jehovah's punishment on Christendom , and see it as the beginning of the end ( again ) . Does anyone know if this has been the case ?


  • pepperheart

    If you have money you can give it but if you have a low paid part time job so that you can stand by a cart for 100 hours a month then you dont have the money to give

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