Where's the justice?

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  • chrisauld

    Hi everyone, One thing that really made me question how 'just' Jehovah really is, is how he could kill all the innocent children at the time of Armageddon, and yet resurrect a 70 year old man who died a firm ATHEIST????
    Also, He would have a distinct advantage, u know, being brought back to life, it would convince me, anyway.
    Any comments?


  • claudia

    Yes I know what you mean. We hear how fair god is but it makes you wonder

  • patio34

    Good point, Chrisauld.

    This point had always bothered me my whole 28 years as a jw. I wrote the WTS about 25 yrs ago about it and my reasoning was based on Ezekiel 18:4 and surrounding verses. If you recall, it says "the soul that is sinning will die." The context is that a father should not be put to death for a son's error nor should a son be put to death for the father's error.

    This seems to preclude children being put to death at 'armageddon' based on their parents' course. I still feel that way.

    The answer was that it would 'be very unwise to make a statement either way.' But, over time, i've noticed that the WTS literature has indicated it both way, though most jws believe that the children will die.

    PLUS, it's not even the 'adamic death.' It's the '2nd death' reserved for Satan, the demons, the 'man of lawlessness,' and other sinners against the holy spirit. So, how could children warrant such a punishment, based on their parents' life course.

    That seems more heinous than anything humans have done.

    "I'd rather live with questions I can't answer than questions I can't ask (or answers I can't question)."


  • crossroads

    To answer: Where's the justice? I know where it's not.
    WBTS-no not at all-not in most of there teachings either.

  • joelbear

    Hi all,

    I have pondered this point extensively. There are innumerable conundrums to justice as laid out by the Watchtower.

    1. If you were born 200 years ago you would have never been preached to and so thus you would be automatically resurrected.

    2. If you were aborted as a fetus you would resurrected into paradise. (This one also works for getting into heaven, thus my argument that the most loving thing a mother could do according to religion is to abort her fetus, thus automatically sending it to heaven). I am by the way vehemently opposed to abortion.

    3. If you live in an area nonaccessible to witnesses, like outer Mongolia, again you are better off than living in the US or other developed country where witnesses are more likely to get to you.

    4. If you are called on by a witness with poor communication skills or who is having a bad day, you may be less likely to be open to their message than if called on by a fluent witness.

    The list goes on and on and on. Thus leading me to conclude that divine justice is a myth.



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